Grain Modern Food: This New Minimalist Cafe Is The Next Place To Feed Your Instagram

Hello, our fellow foodies! We know that there have been amazing cafes in town to satisfy your lingering caffeine addict and of course, to feed your ‘gram too. But sometimes, we just want something different from our fellow Instagram friends, right? Well, if you’re indeed seeking for something new, then you’re in luck because we’ve got a new cafe in Butterworth that is perfect for your belly and ‘gram.

A New Minimalist Cafe To Feed Your Instagram

If you’ve been venturing for a new cafe in town to add more colours to feed your ‘gram, then Grain Modern Food is definitely your next spot to adore. Tucked in Lorong Ciku, this new place is easily spotted with a simple yet chic exterior that goes along the classic tone of white, grey and brown. Interested? Well, if you are already excited about its exterior, you’ll be more impressed with its interior!

Photo: @jijitankyy (Instagram)

Designed to feed all Instagrammer’s usual story moments, this cafe has wide glass windows that drop from the ceiling to the floor to grant enough natural lighting into the dining area. It’s just a few easy clicks on your phone and you’ll get a nice photo to tag along. However, if you want a more aesthetic place that adds a bit more greeneries, they’ve also got outdoor seatings that you can shot your OOTD.

Photo: @grainmodernfood (Instagram)
Image: @grainmodernfood (Instagram)

A Food Menu To Satisfy Your Tummy

Alright, enough chattering about its design, let’s take a look at what they have to offer. Featuring Western cuisines as its main highlight, they’ve got a separate menu for its breakfast, lunch and dinner. So expect to see varying dishes along the day, from quintessential breakfast omelette to Fish & Chips, because running out of things to order is never a worry here.

Image: @grainmodernfood (Instagram)
Photo: @grainmodernfood (Instagram)

For sure, sometimes we have that one friend who tends to prefer something more. If you’re one of them, then we think this might be something for you. Featuring a fried chicken that’s coated with pieces of oatmeals, it’s their Crispy Cereal Chicken Burger. Oh, here’s a friendly reminder. It’s quite fulfilling for your tummy, so it’s a good idea to share. Just remember to tag your friend along with you!

Location: 14, Lorong Ciku 2, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

Operating Hours: 12PM – 10PM

Status: Pork-Free

Links: Facebook | Instagram

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