GrabFood is now in Penang! Here are 10 F&Bs You Can Order From

For days you just feel like staying in.

Sometimes, we can get so busy with work that often times we forget to eat on time and skip meals. With us, that’s simply not allowed! So right here, we have the perfect solution for you! GrabFood which launched on the 22nd April is now ready to deliver food right to your doorstep. No more skipping lunch, no matter how busy. With a myriad of selections ranging from bubble milk teas, pastries to hawker food, whatever you feel like having, they got it! Honestly, food delivery has never been easier! Keep reading because we have the promo code down below.

Here are 10 F&Bs You Can Order From GrabFood!

1. Wheeler’s Cafe

@wheelerspenang (Instagram)
grabfood penang
@wheelerspenang (Instagram)

Who wouldn’t want to have lunch at the locals’ favourite cafe, Wheeler’s? But the traffic’s out there is just so crazy congested that it makes you hate driving, am I right? Well, the problem’s solved thanks to GrabFood! Now, you don’t have to worry about missing your breakfast because Wheeler’s has a variety of breakfast options to choose from!

grabfood penang
@wheelerspenang (Instagram)

2. Pilipala Poke Bowl

@pilipala_pokebar (Instagram)
@smilinglilwen (Instagram)

It’s time to reflect back on your eating habits for the past few weeks, do you see a pattern of yourself consuming too much greasy and unhealthy food? Have you been eating your vegetables and getting them proteins? If not, then I know what you should have for your next meal! It’s none other than poke bowl from Pilipala. Packed with beneficial greens that will be sure to recharge you!

@pilipala_pokebar (Instagram)

3. More by Arang Coffee

grabfood penang
@mrchuahft (Instagram)
@morebyarangcoffee (Instagram)

We only got meals for champions here! More by Arang Coffee not only offers classic western-style cuisine but as well as local delights that will surely be stomach-filling and heart-warming to your souls! Simply putting it, they serve comfort food like no others. Kudos to GrabFood for making our comfort food available to us with just one tap away!

grabfood penang
@morebyarangcoffee (Instagram)

4. Saigon Bowl

@saigonbowlpg (Instagram)
@saigonbowlpg (Instagram)

Beach Street is not exactly known for its ample parking space, we all know it’s troublesome to navigate ourselves through the parking space there. Especially during lunch hour, it’s a disaster because of office workers everywhere. Therefore, it’s no easy task to reach Saigon Bowl for its appetizing Vietnamese food that is located over at Beach Street unless you use GrabFood! It’s so much more convenient now, make way for their beef pho!

@saigonbowlpg (Instagram)

5. Nando’s

@racrawrdevours (Instagram)

Furthermore, you can also order from Nando’s, a good old familiar family restaurant that serves everyone’s beloved peri peri grilled chicken. Truly, we can’t deny that anytime is Nando’s time! Their chicken is always cooked to the perfect texture and taste accompanied by the palate-exciting sides, your meal is surely going to be enjoyable.

@aliciaaanky (Instagram)

6. Bee Hwa Cafe

@islanddash2019 (Instagram)

In order to find really good prawn noodles and white curry noodles, we all know where to head to. That’s right, Bee Hwa Kopitiam. So how do we do it without having to endure the blazing heat and getting drenched with beads of sweat in the process? The answer lies within GrabFood, you can now enjoy your white curry noodles in the comfort of your air-conditioned office or house. Sounds awesome!

@mimiabdulrashid (Instagram)

7. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

@dearamytsai (Instagram)

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart makes a great snack during break time. GrabFood understands that and wants us to have some! Don’t even get me started on the heavenly cheese, we couldn’t quite fathom the awesomeness of Hokkaido baked cheese tart when we first tried it. If you don’t want this for your tea time snack, are you even sane?

@dearamytsai (Instagram)

8. Panntea

@jiak_hami_co (Instagram)
@penanglicious (Instagram)

GrabFood took their food delivery to the next level by making refreshing bubble milk tea offered by Panntea accessible to us, big thanks! We all need a little sugar rush during the day to give us that extra pump. You definitely have to order their brown sugar fresh milk, sweet enough to make your day!

@ireneong1127 (Instagram)

9. A&W

@j_colie (Instagram)

Classic hotdog is always a yes! Be it for a quick snack or a proper meal, their signature hotdog will be sure to satisfy your needs. After being closed for almost a decade, A&W’s reopening in Penang has got most of us shooked and now, you can even order them for delivery.

@kimberleyyly (Instagram)

10. McDonald’s

@foodie_feeder (Instagram)

When you don’t know what’s for lunch, going with McDonald’s is your best option. Having soft buns with a juicy patty topped with fresh cucumber and tomatoes can be quite the luxury for some people that prioritise health and good eating habit. You know what, it’s time for cheat day!

@cknewsstand (Instagram)

GrabFood is now in Penang! Here are 10 F&Bs You Can Order From

There are endless possibilities to what you can have for lunch now thanks to GrabFood! Don’t hold back to order from them because I’m pretty sure their service will guarantee a smooth and hassle-free process. No matter how busy you get, remember to always have your meals. Here’s the promo code like we promised, for first-time users, key in MAKANTIME to be entitled for free delivery!

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