Halloween Edition Ghost Pepper Cola At 7-Eleven M’sia Gets You Trick Or Treat Ready

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As we venture into the start of October, this month will be all about Halloween. From spooky yet adventurous things to do, what are your plans this Halloween? Well, since it’s the spookiest time of the year, something equally terrifying is happening in the food scene. Ready? We spotted the existence of Ghost Pepper Cola at 7-Eleven Malaysia and we’re wondering if this Halloween’s perfect treat.

Who’s Up To Try The Ghost Pepper Cola?

If you love spicy food or shall we say flaming hot fares, then you most probably have tried the Daebak Ghost Pepper Black Crisps. The Ghost Pepper Black Crisps is a collaboration between Mamee Monster X Daebak right after the hype of the Ghost Pepper Instant Noodles.

Ghost Pepper Cola
Photo: @kekirikanan (Twitter)

Just in case you need a quick flashback, we’re here to help. The Mister Potato Ghost Pepper Black Crisps is true to its name, it boasts a rather gothic black on each crisp and is packed in a small canister. Even the packaging of the canister is black and red, portraying the colours of Daebak Ghost Pepper Instant Noodles.

Mister Potato Ghost Pepper Chips
Photo: @vana_wan (Instagram)

And now, fast forward to 2020, we present to you the Ghost Pepper Cola. So, it’s rather simple, all you gotta do is imagine the usual Cola that you drink but with a spicy twist. Apparently, the spicy level of this carbonated drink has a rating of 7/10. Also, the spiciness kicks in slowly and you can even feel it at the back of your throat.

Ghost Pepper Cola
Photo: @kekirikanan (Twitter)
Ghost Pepper Cola
Photo: @Edwind Ong (Facebook)

Now Available At 7-Eleven For RM 8.90

Ghost Pepper Cola is available for purchase at selected 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia and it comes with a Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Black Noodle for RM8.90. What do you guys think? Would this make the perfect Halloween treat for you? Or, did you have enough of weird and wild food combinations? Let us know!

Photo: @7ElevenMalaysia
Ghost Pepper Cola
Photo: @Teru Tsukishiro (Facebook)

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