Get your Raya mood onz with Design Village’s Kampung Decoration!

We got ways to make your Ramadhan month even more awesome!

Looking for a way to be extra festive this Raya? Thinking about how you can take the celebration to the next level, how to have that extra fun times with your friends and family members during the month of Ramadhan? Well, guess what! All that’s made possible thanks to Design Village throwing it way back to your nenek moyang’s era with their “Rumah Kampung” themed decorations. Stick with us as we walk you through Design Village, uncovering some of the most exciting activities happening this Ramadhan month. Scroll down for a surprise!

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Take your #RayaOOTDs over at their “Rumah Kampung”!

Design Village

In the heart of Batu Kawan, the central plaza of Design Village is transformed into a nostalgia version of “Rumah Kampung” to welcome shoppers. With rustic and homely attap houses to make you feel welcome, rediscover the joy of going home to a small village in celebration of the festive season.

Design Village
Design Village Penang (Facebook)

This centrepiece is no doubt attractively eye-catching, just perfect for your Instagram feed! Indeed a hot selfie spot, all the more you should be visiting Design Village! Not forgetting to mention, there are endless other enjoyable activities like Ramadhan bazaar and performances for you and your friends, including rewards to be received!

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Design Village Penang (Facebook)

Throughout the month of Ramadhan – they’ve prepared amazing and thrilling line-ups like giveaway, performance and workshop – one of the interesting few you can’t afford to miss are Dodol Giveaways (7pm on May 25th and 26th), Wayang Kulit Show (8pm on June 2nd) and Kompang Performance (May 26th and June 1st). We got the whole schedule above!

Enjoy yourself at their mini Ramadhan bazaar!

Eat your heart out with great snacks!

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar
Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

After a whole day of photo-taking at their beautiful rumah kampung, it’s time to buka puasa right at their mini Ramadhan Bazaar starting from 4pm every day! Even though it’s just a small and simple one, but don’t ever underestimate what you can get your hands on here, nothing short of a scrumptious and hearty meal with them.

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

Order yourself a cold yet refreshing cup of Thai Green tea Milk to berbuka puasa!

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

Takoyaki made with generous fillings, dressed with flavourful bonito flakes and mouth-watering takoyaki sauce, the ultimate combo!

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

Spicy chicken for the adventurous souls!

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

Catch the chef in action of preparing the classic roti john – flip away!

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

Shredded chicken wrapped together with crunchy veggies and flavourful sauce, a kebab to fill up your tummies! Look out for the chef jumping into action with his long knife, just like real-life samurai! (We got great imagination, hehe.)

Shopping for Raya clothes!

Mini Ramadhan Bazaar

Ladies, watch out for their pop-up booths selling the latest style this Raya! Maybe your Raya OOTDs outfits lie here, waiting for you. Super worth it to check them out!

Rewards Awaiting You!

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Lovely rewards waiting for you when you spend above RM300 in a single receipt or RM600 in a maximum of 2 receipts!

So, what are you waiting for?

To make your Raya even more amusing and enjoyable, Design Village is honestly the place to be. As we’ve promised you, let us reveal the surprise to you! All the outlets offer discounts up to 80% during this Raya season, too good to be true! Remember the line-ups we stated up above and plan your trip in accordance with that so you can catch the activity you want to participate in, see you.

Kindly note that the mini Ramadhan Bazaar will be available until the eve of Raya, 4th of June. Catch them before it’s too late!

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