Georgetown’s Dirtiest River Healed and Glows In Jade Green Thanks To MCO

Thank God!

It seems that the virus hits humanity with a very profound message. Less human activities contribute to less pollution and more freedom for animals to roam their habitat. We might have heard the news of nature healing all around the world. And it’s happening to our river, right here in Penang. Clearly, humans are a lot more of a hazardous virus than COVID-19.

sungai pinang
Photo: @straitstimes (Facebook)

Not One Of The Dirtiest Rivers In Malaysia Any More

Two drone pictures are taken by The Star on March 8 and April 26 of Sungai Pinang. The 3.5km river which flowed in the heart of Georgetown had a completely different transformation after 7 weeks of MCO. A change that excites many. Witnessing nature reclaiming the once pitch black and polluted river into jade green river filled with algae definitely worth celebrating.

Both of the photographs were shot at low tide to compare them fairly without seawater pushing into the river on a rising tide. According to a researcher, Prof Dr. Chan Ngai Weng, the pollution caused by human activity. “It is all kinds of oil from workshops and factories that emulsified and mixed with organic matter from the wastewater of markets, hawkers, and so on.”

Wastes Need To Be Treated Before Being Released Into The River

Sungai Pinang
Photo: @MalayMail (Facebook)

The dumping stopped thanks to MCO. Now everyone can see the result of how the river looks like when it cleans itself. “It is we humans who overload the rivers.” Prof Chan continued “We must either relocate polluting sources elsewhere or ensure they treat their waste before discharging them into the environment, ”

The Sungai Pinang runs through densely populated urban centers on the island. Thus the heavy pollution. A marine biologist, Prof Datuk Dr. Aileen Tan, also rejoiced upon the news. saying that it can be further improved with a better sewage system or by create a new norm after MCO.

A Lesson To Learn From The Pandemic

Sungai Pinang
Photo: @DurianProperty

“I am sure rivers all over the country are becoming cleaner by themselves now. We should treasure this phenomenon and take it as a chance for us to change for the better after the MCO, ” Prof Tan said. With that being said, hopefully, Penangites are taking notes on what can be made better after this pandemic. Let’s appreciate nature and give it the treatment it deserves.

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