George Town Festival 2019 Is Back And Here Are The Free Events List

So Many Fun Events And Shows To Check Out!

This is the tenth edition of George Town Festivals and there are so many exciting events that are going to happen. Bring your friends and family along because no one should miss out on these amazing events! Here’s what’s happening from 13 July 2019 – 28 July 2019.

Pre-Festivals, Free And Ticketed Events That You Should Not Miss!

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While two of the pop-up performances have happened, there are still 2 more that will be happening in the month of July. A pop-up performance will happen on the 6th of July (1 pm – 8 pm) at Gurney Paragon Mall and on the 8th of July (1 pm – 8 pm) at 1st Avenue Mall. These pre-festival events are to get you ready for all the main events and a taste of how amazing it will be.


Victoire D’Antino and Aitor Esteban Lorenzo are from the widely traveled Su e Giù Circus. This performance will be filled with acrobatic stunts that will blow your mind, amazing theatrical and full of circus fun. This is definitely an attention-grabbing performance that you won’t want to miss.


This extraordinary show is performed by Emilio and Leandro Ponce who are twin brothers from Argentina. They aim to create a unique performance for their audiences with the cultures, languages and diverse skills that they have learned by traveling around South and Central America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.


Lee Junsang who is from Korea will be showcasing his incredible skills using a Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) and juggling stunts. His performance is called the Rainbow Show. Why is it called the Rainbow Show, you asked? Find out more about it on the 6th of July or the 8th of July!


Lee Seokwon who is Korean-born and famously known as Performer 231. Catch this original and unique magician and circus show. He puts together his own show by combining magic, juggling, and pantomime. Lee was the winner of the Busan International Theatre Festival (Dynamic Street category).


If you missed out on all the pop-up performances, don’t worry because Macam Macam Berapit has all the above performances and a few other more such as Teochew puppet opera by Opera Yong Choon Pan, a performance by The Penang Dhol Blaster and a performance by Culture Shot.

Venue: Berapit Public Market

Date: 7 July 2019

Time: 5 pm – 11 pm

When Night Falls


The areas around Esplanade will be transformed into a glowing playground of lights. Artworks from all over the globe will be projected on the Town Hall of Penang. You will be able to catch Compagnie des Quidams from France who will be trotting into the streets. Their performance will be accompanied by an enchanting visual odyssey in FierS à Cheval where the audiences will be able to watch a ringmaster a herd of luminous horses to motion. Additionally, The Lighted Drummer which is a performance with a combination of a striking display of sparkling LED and thunderous rhythms of the drums will be performed by Moz Drums. Teatro Pavana from The Netherlands will be putting on an amazing performance titled Le Ballerine & Night Colors. Finally, a performance to recreate the facade of the Town Hall and City Hall of Penang using video mapping to create a 3-dimensional art will be done by FILAMEN and the international artists.

Venue: Padang Kota Lama (Esplanade)

Date: 13 & 14 July 2019

Time: 7 pm – 11 pm

Art In The City


An intriguing event that is based on the concept of art-is-everywhere-and-anywhere-in-the-city. All kinds of activities that includes a multitude of artistic activities covering music to child-friendly entertainment, and from dance to theatre across captivating venues. This festive atmosphere will be everywhere and that includes clan houses, shophouses, back alleys, and five-foot ways. All these events will be running simultaneously at various nearby locations, therefore you will be able to catch all your favorite performances within a walking distance. Some of the thrilling performances include Garden Gig, Tiny Touts, Puppet Stage, Malaysia Inside Out, Dance @ 74, Mai Main Kaki Lima! and more!

Venue: George Town World Heritage Site

Date: 20 & 21 July 2019

Time: 5 pm – 11 pm

The Extravaganza


Geoge Town Festival 2019 will be closing with a performance by local and international street and performing artists. The Extravaganza aims to form a vast art bash that is worth a universal celebration. This event will be filled with a diversity of performance and arts ranging from contemporary to traditional and novelty performances. Furthermore, the public will be able to view featured pictures from the first 15 days of the festival at a photo exhibition. There will be a runway presentation as well to bring awareness to certain subjects such as speak for the voiceless, bringing about much-needed awareness on environmental conservation and animal abuse prevention. Besides that, Aida Redza who is a renowned choreographer and dancer will be taking the center stage to perform a captivating dance performance and an eclectic live performance will be delivered by international and local aerial silk and rope performing artists.

Venue: Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street)

Date: 28 July 2019

Time: 5 pm – 11 pm

Ticketed Shows

There will be various different ticketed shows that you shouldn’t miss as well. You will be able to catch these shows that are performed by international artists from Afganistan, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Finland and many more! Let’s not also forget the shows that are performed by local artists such as Journey of a Baby Butterfly, Teater Normcore: Double Bill, Armour and Skin 2019 and many more! While these are ticketed shows, it is definitely worth every penny that you will pay as these artists have put in all the hard work to put together these amazing shows. To find out more about the ticketed shows, you can click here.

Armour And Skin 2019 (Malaysia & Indonesia)
Isle To Isle: Father (Taiwan)
Journey of a Baby Butterfly (Malaysia)
The Stranger (Japan & Germany)


There are 3 different series that includes forum, talks, puppetry, market, music, theatre, dance, photography, and music as well!

Isle To Isle

This series will include a documentary by the director of the show Isle to Isle: Father and raising awareness about current social affairs. Furthermore, there will be a glove puppetry show, creative market, and another forum and talk about creative branding sharing.


Macam Macam Macallum

This series will begin with a performance by Yudi Yap who will be performing with her silky vocals. The series will be followed by a performance by a group from Sun Son Theatre which is one of the top performing art groups in Taiwan. This group was the winner of Summerhall Lustrum Award in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017. There will also be a puppetry show titled Flag of Pearls and A House Filled with Wealth and Prosperity. Furthermore, a dance that is funded by the Penang State Government and supported by Hunza Group called Euphoria Penang Modern Dance Ensemble will be leaving the audiences in awe with their captivating performance. Finally, Culture Shot will be performing traditional Hokkien songs and other traditional tunes with their various different traditional instruments. This performance will be giving everyone a taste of Penang with their music.


OBSCURA Festival of Photography

If you’re a lover of photography and want to widen your knowledge on different topics, this will be a perfect series for you to attend. This is the seventh year that OBSCURA Festival of Photography has returned to George Town Festival. This series will include forums and talk as well. Works by talented photographers from all over the world will be featured as well.


If you still have no idea what to do in July, you do now because George Town Festival has so many events lined up that you won’t want to miss any of it because it sounds so interesting!

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