George Town Festival 2017: Biggest Event in Penang

The most exciting yearly event in Penang! Guys, meet George Town Festival 2017! Starting next month, the festival is going to roll out a lot of exhilarating activities and programmes to all of you! In fact, the Festival aims to make arts accessible to the community by transforming the city into a global stage. By how? By showcasing world-class collaborations from international and local artists alike.
George Town Festival Penang


George Town Festival 2017

george town festival 2017
George Town Festival 2017

This year is the 8th year of this event. George Town Festival (GTF) is a month-long festival to celebrate the arts and heritage of Penang with a colossal array of events all congested in a month. A lot of exciting programmes available this year and below are 10 of our most anticipating highlights.

The list is handpicked by Penang Foodie‘s editor.

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10 Best Programmes We Can’t Wait To See This Year

Let’s see what George Town Festival 2017 is up to!


By Adrien M & Claire B

Hakanai is a solo choreographic performance that unfolds through a series of images in motion.

Date & Time: 18 – 19 August 2017 8:30pm (18 August) 3:00pm & 8:30pm (19 August) 40 minutes without intermission

Venue: Loft 29 @ Gat Lebuh Gereja TICKET

Tickets from RM25, RM100


2. A Simple Space

By Gravity & Other Myths

A Simple Space has toured to 14 countries on six continents, wowing audiences with a universal physical language and joyful energy and comes to George Town Festival as a Southeast Asian premiere.

11 – 12 August 2017
8:30pm – 9:30pm (11 August)
3:30pm – 4:30pm (12 August)

Dewan Sri Pinang


Tickets from RM25, RM65, RM100

3. 6 & 8

By TAO Dance Theater

This ground-breaking dance – literally – has eight dancers lying on the ground, exploring the possibilities of the body movement when it is restricted to the floor.

25 – 26 August 2017
8:30pm (75 minutes with 15 minutes intermission)


Dewan Sri Pinang

Tickets from RM25, RM65, RM85, RM125

Get The Ticket > Here

4. Good Good Fortune

By Lucy Marinkovich

Good Good Fortune is a live performance installation that engages the audience in a reflection upon the role of fortune in our lives, and considers our accountability in creating our own experiences and circumstances. Admission is free of charge.

5 – 6 August 2017
1:00pm & 5:00pm (5 August)
9:00am & 2:00pm (6 August)

The Whiteaways Arcade

*Please note that this location is not wheelchair accessible

4. Laksa Of The Region

20 types of laksa from all over Southeast Asia will be cooked during George Town Festival (GTF) 2017, and everyone is invited to sample the dishes.

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5. The Manganiyar Classroom

By Roysten Abel

The Manganiyar Classroom features 35 Manganiyar village children as young as eight, spontaneously singing and dancing their boredom away, taunting and rebelling against their teachers. Watching the children’s buoyant performance will get the audiences reminiscing about their schooling days. Let’s enjoy the show!

5 – 6 August 2017
8:30pm – 9:30pm

Dewan Sri Pinang

Tickets from RM25, RM65, RM85, RM125

6. 360 Allstars

True to its moniker, 360 Allstars explores all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar international cast of breakdancers, bikers, basketball freestylers, and more, this revolutionary production will leave you dizzy with excitement.

12 – 13 August 2017
5:00pm – 11:00pm

Jalan Jeti Lama

Free Admission

7. Anthar Agni

by Temple of Fine Arts

Anthar Agni, led by 2011 Young Artist Award recipient Nawaz Mirajkar from the Temple of Fine Arts, is a music and dance tribute to the sacred fire (Agni), The show celebrates deep spiritual significance of the integration of various cultures.

30 – 31 August 2017
8:30pm – 10:45pm
120 minutes with 15 minutes intermission

Dewan Sri Pinang

Tickets from RM25, RM65, RM85, RM125

A music and dance production that pays tribute to the sacred fire (agni) and clelebrates its deep spiritual significance and influence on Asian and Spanish cultures – Asia One

8. Chorus

Chorus is a monumental installation of giant kinetic sculptures, a celestial choir of spinning sound machines, created by award-winning artist and British Composer of the Year, Ray Lee.

28 – 29 July 2017 & 5 – 6 August 2017
8:00pm – 8:30pm (28 July)
7:30pm-8:30pm (29 July)
7:30pm-8:30pm (5 – 6 August)

Dewan Sri Pinang

Free Admission

9. The Memories

By Orang-Orang Drum Theatre & JB Drum Team

Presented by Orang Orang Drum Theatre and JB Drum Team, this performance is inspired by the history of ancestors migrating southward in search for a way out, wishing to gain survival on foreign land.

10. Cell

By Smoking Apples & Dogfish

Humorous, heart-warming, and hopeful, CELL features charming puppetry, physical theatre, and an original score to tell the story of one man’s final adventure to create enough memories to last a lifetime.

4 – 6 August 2017
7:30pm (4 August, workshop)
8:30pm – 9:30pm (5 – 6 August, show)

Loft 29 @ Gat Lebuh Gereja

By registration for workshop
Show tickets from RM65, RM85

Getting to George Town Festival

Option 1: Flight

  1. Malaysian Airlines
  2. Airpaz

Option 2: Bus

  1. CatchThatBus
  2. BusTicketOnline

Stay At George Town, Penang

  1. Search & Compare Hotel at Trivago
  2. Book at
  3. Hotels by ZEN Rooms

How To Get The Ticket?

For more information, kindly visit and ticket can be purchased at

George Town Festival 2017

The event starts from 28 July – 3 September. We are pretty sure it’s going to be a fruitful month! If you love today’s blog, then share it to your friends and family now! <3

George Town Festival’s Facebook and contact number.

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