Gayo Coffee At Beach Street Will Be Closing Permanently After 3 Years Of Operations


  • Gayo Coffee will be closing operations after 3 years.
  • This is due to a tenancy agreement.
  • The final day of operations is on 13th September 2020 (Sunday).
  • The team is currently working on a new concept.

For the past few months, many spots around Penang has been ceasing operations due to the recent pandemic outbreak. Some of the notable closures include renowned hotels such as Gurney Hotel, and Holiday Inn. Similarly, many small businesses were heavily affected. Just announced recently, another notable cafe located at Beach Street will be ceasing operation, for another reason.

Gayo Coffee At Beach Street Will Be Closing Permanently

Photo: Gayo Coffee (Facebook)

Without a doubt, Beach Street is one of the most lively spots around George Town. With so many interesting eateries in every corner, it is the usual hang out spot for locals and tourists. Unfortunately, one of the eateries, Gayo Coffee, will be closing down permanently after three years of operations. Through a Facebook post, Gayo Coffee mentioned that it will be bidding farewell on 14th September 2020.

Photo: Gayo Coffee (Facebook)

Unlike many closures throughout the year of 2020, Gayo Coffee will be ceasing operations due to a tenancy agreement issue. Naturally, the team behind Gayo Coffee feels heartbroken, a feeling shared by many Penangites as they say their final goodbyes through the post. Over the years, Gayo Coffee hosted multiple events including but not limited to marriage proposals, and small concerts.

Last Service On 13th September 2020

Photo: Gayo Coffee (Facebook)

Based on the post, it had mentioned that the team behind Gayo Coffee had achieved more than its initial goals. But, that’s not the end of the journey. The team also mentioned that they will be working on a new concept! We are truly excited to see the outcome. But, for now, say your last goodbyes on 13th September 2020 (Sunday) before it is permanently closed. Have you visited Gayo Coffee before? Let us know in the comments!

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