This Penang Cafe Serves Laksa Tea, Haw Flake Smoothie & More Local Flavour Drinks

Hello, friends! Oh, boy, we have something tasty up our sleeves to share with you. As Penangites, a majority of us are a big fan of the street food scene. With that said, we are always excited to try out local flavours in different forms. Remember when big brands such as McDonald’s introduced Nasi Lemak Burger? Well, it is time to support local as Gao Enough has just dropped its latest flavours!

Freshly-made beverages served in a can.

Opened this year, Gao Enough is anything but normal. Unlike any usual beverage brands, Gao Enough is known for its elevated packaging by serving beverages in a transparent can. Instagram-worthy? Yes! The taste of its beverages definitely matches its cool packaging. Its cleverly named beverages such as Humsup Milk Tea is a favourite to many.  But, first, let’s talk about all the new local flavours it has to offer!

Some like it hot, some like it cold.

Kicking it off with one of the bravest creations yet, Laksa. Being one of Penang’s famous state dish, most of us have eaten the spicy noodle soup. However, drinking the cold beverage from a can is an entirely new experience. Overall, Gao Enough’s concoction will remind you of the famous dish, with strong taste extracted from bunga kantan. Oh, there’s noodle-like jellies too!

Childhood favourite candy, now available in a can.

Apart from Laksa, another beverage that you will need to get your hands on is Haw Flakes Apple Smoothie. Similar to White Rabbit, Haw Flakes has always been a childhood favourite. Taking pieces by pieces out from its cylinder packaging sparks joy! Surprisingly, the combination with apple smoothie tastes pretty good! Both flavours co-exist together, and it has a hint of sweet and sour.

Milo season is forever.

Here’s a fun fact that you might not know; Milo isn’t from Malaysia. Invented by an Australian, Thomas Mayne in 1934, the chocolate malt powder is Malaysia’s household name for years. You can never go wrong with anything Milo! With that said, try out Gao Enough’s take on Milo. Order yourself a Milo Tornado Smoothie. Trust us, you will be swept away by its rich flavours! Pst, Cendol is available too!

An ice-cream a day keeps us coming back for more.

Apart from serving freshly-made beverages and serve them in a can, Gao Enough offers soft-serves too! It serves seasonal flavours. For a short period of time only, you can get charcoal and sea salt flavours. You can get them as singles, or combined both flavours together for a twist! Top it off with a unicorn’s horn, or a mermaid’s tail for an Instagram-worthy shot.

Sip all your beverages with metallic straws.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a set of metal straws, you can get them here too! Be guilt-free and sip on any beverages with Gao Enough straws. The metal straws set comes with three different types of metal straws, a metal straw cleaner, and a pull-string bag with its logo on it. Pick between two classic colours, gold (RM18) and silver (RM15). Saving the environment, one step at a time!

Gao Enough at The WhiteAways Arcade

If you have yet to visit Gao Enough, it is time to head down to the store located at the iconic The WhiteAways Arcade to sip on these localised beverages. Before you order, have a quick look on its menu as there other offerings worth trying. Are you ready to try out the cold version of Penang’s famous state dish, laksa? Let us know in the comments!

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