This Kochabi Stall In Penang Is One Of The Last That Still Serves Fried Sago

All around Penang, we can find lip-smacking fares at almost corner. It’s like so long as you’re in Penang, you will never go hungry. Penang has been known for several iconic dishes such as Nasi Kandar, Laksa, Char Koay Teow, and more. But, have you guys ever heard of Fried Sago right here in Penang? A dish unknown to many, there’s only one stall in Penang that currently offers this item. It’s none other than at Cecil Street Market, 姐妹七条路页峨炒.

Have You Tried Fried Sago In Penang?

When one speaks of Cecil Street Market, we can already think of the countless stalls there that offer a wide variety of fares. Ranging from Duck Meat Koay Teow Thn’g to Curry Mee and more, this market is definitely a street food haven to foodies.

Fried Sago Lebuh Cecil Penang
Photo: @CaseyNeo (PenangFoodieGroup)

Today, we will be talking about this particular stall in Cecil Street Market, known as 姐妹七条路页峨炒. Simply translated, it’s called, Sisters’ Cecil Street Fried Sago. This is one of the last stalls in Penang that actually sells this traditional snack. In fact, aside from Fried Sago, there are also other saliva-drooling desserts here such as Red Bean Soup, Bubur Cha Cha and more.

Fried Sago Lebuh Cecil Penang
Photo: @CaseyNeo (PenangFoodieGroup)

Okay, so this dish is rather unique mainly because of its texture and taste. The Fried Sago has a springy, jelly-like texture. Taste-wise, it’s sweet, sour, spicy, hot as well as salty so it’s like an explosion of flavours upon the first bite. On a plate for Fried Sago, you’ll find bite-sized pieces of Sago stir-fried with dark soy sauce and some beansprouts as well as spring onions.

Fried Sago Lebuh Cecil Penang
Photo: @CaseyNeo (PenangFoodieGroup)

Each plate of Fried Sago is priced at RM2.50 despite the tedious work that goes into its preparation. Firstly, the raw sago will be boiled with hot water until it has a translucent texture. Then, the semi-transparent sago will be cut into bite-sized pieces before being stir-fried.

Fried Sago Lebuh Cecil Penang
Photo: @CaseyNeo (PenangFoodieGroup)

Get A Taste Of This Kochabi Snack At Lebuh Cecil, Penang

Without a doubt, Fried Sago is one of the rare items in Penang that’s slowly disappearing from our food scene. As one of the last remaining stalls that actually offer this item, we should definitely try it out at least once in our lives. So, what do you guys think? Will you be trying out this rare concoction?

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Address: 40-48 Lebuh Cecil, 10300 Georgetown, Penang

Operating Hours: 7 AM-10 AM (Opens Daily)

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