Fried Chicken Master: First Halal Taiwanese Fried Chicken is Now Open in Penang


Hey, foodies! Not long ago, we told you guys about the good news of Taiwan’s Renowned Halal Fried Chicken opening up its very first chain in Penang, located right beside the well-beloved bubble milk tea chain, Xing Fu Tang. Remember that? Well, Fried Chicken Master is officially opened over the past weekend. Have you managed to try it out yet? We got the chance to try them out and here’s what we think about them!

Fried Chicken Master has finally opened its doors!

Fried Chicken Master

What did we try here?

Jumping into the menu, you can see there’s quite a lot of options to what you can order – be it jumbo bites, rice bento, chicken steaks or a whole chicken. The perfect portion for almost everyone and suitable for all occasions.

Jimbo Bites

The Jumbo Bites are what you need to order if you want to have a taste of every flavour available in the house. Not only great for snacks individually, we personally think if you were to pair it together with carbonated drinks, it would also be superb!

Jimbo Bites – Taiwan Salt & Pepper (RM10.50)

Peppery and salty in all the right places make this Jimbo Bite all the more enjoyable. Even though its flavour and taste are not as ground-breaking as the Mala and Salted Egg flavours, this one right here will leave you wanting more of it.

Jimbo Bites – Salted Egg (RM11.50)

The last time we checked, the salted egg hype is still ongoing. Another favourite to add unto your list of everything-salted-egg! Faint salted egg flavour will invade your taste buds as you take the first bite. It’s not too flavourful to the point of overbearing, but instead, every mouthful is pleasant.

Jimbo Bites – Spicy Szechuan (RM11.50)

Specially made for the dare-devils and also the adventurers, you can already smell the spiciness once you received it from the counter. Perfect amount of seasonings is used in the recipe! Don’t worry it’s not going to make you cry like McD’s 3X spicy.

Original Jimbo Bento

If you’re looking for a hearty meal that’s going to keep you full for the rest of the day, then go on and order their Original Jimbo Bento (RM11.50) that comes with generous chunks of nicely deep-fried chicken accompanied with rice drizzled with a savoury gravy that’s very palatable. The saltiness from the gravy goes super well with the plain rice and overall, it’s an amazing combo.

Chicken Steak

We too ordered their Fried Chicken Breast (RM9.90) which is pretty good, a solid 8.5/10 for sure. Meatiness checked. Tastiness confirmed. Good times guaranteed.

Side Orders

If you look closely at the menu, you can actually find quite a unique choice of side orders here unlike other fast-food chains that only have fries. Furthermore, these sides are super snacky. Trust me, one wouldn’t be enough. Let’s talk about the in-house signature, Onion Rings (RM5.00) that are prepared fresh daily. Yes, you heard us correctly. None of that frozen stuff, but instead everyday onions will be peeled and cut. Thus, you can totally tell that freshness and tastiness are guaranteed.

Another one of our favourites is unquestionably their Potato Cheese Balls (RM8.90). Why? That’s because the spiciness level is off the roof! At least that’s what we thought when we had it. As you sink your teeth in, you can vividly taste the cheese and also feel the crunch of the jalapeno inside it.

Here’s where you can taste the yummy fried chicken while sipping on your favourite bubble milk tea!

Fried Chicken Master is connected to Xing Fu Tang through a pathway which is going to make your dining experience here even more convenient and hassle-free. Feel free to grab yourself a cup of brown sugar milk then proceed to head to Fried Chicken Master to order yourself some finger-licking good fried chicken!

Last Verdict.

Totally a ‘YAS’ from our side! Worth more a than a try and we definitely will go back more than once hehe. Come on, who in their right mind can resist the dynamic combo of bubble milk tea and fried chicken? Catch you right there, be there or be square.

Address: 225, Jalan Hutton, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

Operation Hour: 10am – 11pm (Daily)

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