This Forest Factory In Penang Is Designed With Stunning Lush Green Landscape And Glass Towers

Wait, it's a factory??

We have finally landed on a new year, and what better way to start 2021 than basking ourselves with fresh new ideas. Now when we think of factories, the first thing that comes to our mind is gloomy tall buildings. However, this one factory in Penang proved to us that they can still produce quality goods in a stunning environment.

forest factory Penang
Photo: @H.LinHoPhotography&DesignUnit

Factory In The Forest

forest factory Penang
Photo: @H.LinHoPhotography&DesignUnit

Visitors will usually have to check twice when they arrive at the “Factory in the Forest”. Because this 162,000-square-foot factory is bedecked with lush greeneries and magnificent glass walls, unlike any other factories you would have seen. It is located in Penang Science Park, Bukit Minyak, and launched in January 2017. The building is designed for Paramit Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a Silicon Valley-based electronics company specializing in medical and satellite equipment.

forest factory Penang
Photo: @H.LinHoPhotography&DesignUnit

Not Your Conventional Factory

forest factory Penang
Photo: @H.LinHoPhotography&DesignUnit

The designers, Design Unit Sdn. Bhd. with IEN Consultants Sdn. Bhd., came up with this design to revolutionize factories and create an eco-friendly environment. With glass towers, outdoor diner, and green roof gardens, you have to admit, it’s a very cool place to work at. Not to mention, this amazing factory became the winner of the WorldGBC Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards: Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance – Commercial in 2020!

forest factory Penang
Photo: @H.LinHoPhotography&DesignUnit

Positive Step Towards Better Future

Of course, being in an environmentally friendly workspace, the staff admitted to feeling happier in their new facility. Thus improving their productivity. This is an excellent example of how we can integrate nature with architecture. With it, hopefully, more people are motivated to create eco-friendly buildings. Well done guys!

penang forest factory
Photo: @H.LinHoPhotography&DesignUnit

Source: Interface | Facebook

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