Final day of 30 cents Lok Lok in Raja Uda Penang

Peddling his way along Kwong Hwa Primary School since 1983 with a goal of selling his Lok Lok for 30cents, this man known by the name of Lee Kun Huat is calling it a day 33 years later TODAY!

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30 Cents Lok Lok

How in the world has he been selling Lok Lok for 30 sen’s a stick when there are other stalls selling up to even RM2 (If you’ve visited KL you would know) per stick you may wonder? Though most work to earn a profit, uncle and his wife with the support of his 4 children consider this service as a leisure business as the time passes with Uncle on the go and Aunty doing her part by making chili sauce at home.

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Considering the price which hasn’t made much of a change since 1994 when he sold the sticks for only 20 cents before he decided to take it up a notch by 10 cents , one can expect the usual Lok Lok such as fish balls, meatballs, hot dogs, beancurd skin, quail eggs, crabstick and not the higher end choices of premium seafood picks. Though, he got some mantis prawns under the stash for his regulars. You gotta earn that title to be in the circle of Lok Lok VIP’s my friend.

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Affectionately known as “Uncle” to his customers, it’s believed that this Lok Lok has been a part of many islanders childhood for more than 40 years even according to Hong Jonas who was Lok Lok Uncle’s son classmates 28 years ago and a loyal customer till to date.

Sad to say, that’s no more the case. To be fair, we gotta give the man a break. 30 cents a lok lok for the past 35 years can only be maintained by a true Legend and Uncle Lee Kun Huat is one. Not all superhero wear capes.

His loyal customers wait for him to appear at 2pm daily and within two hours, his food is usually sold out as the wave of customers are non-stop. It’s not too late! Let’s the spread the love and show Lok Lok Uncle that he will be deeply missed! 

Address: Outside Kwong Hwa Primary School along Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang
Hours : Opens at 2pm!!!

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