This Father And Son Duo Sells 14 Different Flavours Of Putu Mayam For Only RM2 In Ipoh

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It is so inspiring to see young people taking over old business tradition. Clearly, the new generation can help to add innovative touches to the old ways. This way we know that the heritage will pass on. Like this 24-year old guy who decided to take over his father’s business and transform it into something fresh and exciting for the modern crowd.

Father And Son Putu Mayam Business

Originally, R. Navin Kumar and his father L. Ravi started out as ordinary putu mayam sellers that gained supplies from an external source. However, after a while, Navin decided to try and make putu mayam from scratch. It was during this time that he was inspired by multi flavoured cakes and decided to experiment new flavours with the traditional South Indian snack.

14 Different Putu Mayam Flavours

His first creation was strawberry putu mayam and it immediately became a hit among customers. The unconventional flavours fascinate and encourage netizen to try the traditional snack. Especially due to its vibrant colours. After realizing that the idea actually worked, he decided to try even bolder flavours.  Among the new flavours that you have to try are yam, mango, pandan, mocha, cappuccino, and orange. Sold at RM2 a piece.

Manually Making 300 Putu Mayam A Day Despite Injured Arms

Currently, Navin can make up to 300 putu mayam a day which will usually take him around 4-5 hours. But with his injured arms, he hoping to secure an automatic machine that will ease the process. So that he can focus more on creating new flavours and improvise his recipes. Meanwhile, hopefully Navin can expand his business further and maybe create an outlet here in Penang next? *wink wink*

Address: No. 4134, Kampung Tersusun Tanah Hitam, 31200, Chemor Perak, 31200 Ipoh, Perak

Contact: 011-2152 6936

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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