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Farlim Night Market: 15 Must-Try Food You Can’t Afford To Miss

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To address yourself as an authentic Penang Foodie, you gotta know Penang’s food ethos like the back of your hand. And what better way to kick things off than knowing all the delicacies offered in our local neighbourhood Pasar Malam? We’re back with Farlim Night Market: 15 Must-Try Food You Can’t Afford To Miss (Updated Guide) with an addition of 5 more things you should try out in the Farlim Night Market held every Wednesday..because it’s a food haven there and the new things to try just seem to keep popping up. Just look at the crowd, insane, isn’t it?

Farlim Night Market: 15 Must-Try Food You Can’t Afford To Miss (Updated Guide)

Photo: @exing86

1. Thai Style Fried Chicken

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Upon stepping into the night market adventure, swoon your taste buds with this overly marinated Thai style fried chicken with a hint of Belacan blessing your senses as the piping hot choice of wings (RM3.50 ) small pieces (RM 4) and a big chunk of meat ( RM6.50) is served with  a sauce you might wanna skip for an authentic flavor from the chicken alone! It was so good that we had to get it again on our way back!

2. Char Koay Kak

Try a plate of Char Koay Kak also known as  Fried Radish Cake here for a filling motive if you’re just heading straight for the prize. Over here, the darker the better! Fried in dark soy sauce together with bean sprouts, cubes of radish cakes are nicely marinated with garlic, chili paste, soy sauce, and chives are fried in lard with bits of lard crackling, knock in an egg for added creaminess and protein and you have a dish worth queuing for. Our order was an extra bean sprout, chives, radish bits, a little chili and lots of chopped charred soy infused bits. With extra egg knocked in of course.

3. Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

Pamper your ‘body is a temple’ motto by stopping by this food truck operating an old-world juice machine that takes in one sugarcane at a time and pushes out beautiful green colored cane juice that is sweet and delicious.

Benefits of sugarcane juice are aplenty and ya know when a sugar cane drink is worth raving about? When it’s 100 % Natural with none of the fake sugar! Made fresh upon order, this sugar sold in a food truck towards the end of the market has a grassy flavor preferably served as an ice cold cuppa to quench that thirst during hot days or just to clear the greasiness fo your throat from all that fried goodness!

4. Salted Fish Bao & Pineapple Tarts

Located right next to the keropok lekok stall, the tiny little join sells their very own signature salted fish bao which made to order alongside various danish pastry Asian style injected with flavours like cempedak and pineapple that will make you forget all your posh pastry bakery for a light indulgence right here at this humble spot!

While the pastries were flaky it could have been better had hot. But the star; bao is a steamed packed away in a white, warm, soft bun and injected with salted fish composed of salty and sweet flavors that complemented well with the butter bun. Best had piping hot!

5. Tau Fu Fa

Ain’t nobody leaving the scene without having your hands on a bowl of fresh hot bean curd that hits the sweet spot between a healthy food and sweet-tooth dessert; jolting joy for all palates!  Join the bandwagon; grab yourself a brimming bowl of beancurd pudding, either ladled with pristine sugar or black sugar syrup. Alike slithering into clouds, the pudding is silky smooth and you can play around your sugary scale.

6. Thai Bbq Pork & Spicy Sausage

Adapted from the Thai cuisine, Moo Ping knew simply known as the bbq grilled pork can be found in every market and on every street corner in Thailand and surprisingly at night markets in Farlim These quick, cheap snacks are packed full of flavor and super easy to prepare.

They cook quickly, so you don’t need to be waiting as they’re good to go as your spy with your little eyes! Going around we came to realize there are more than few stalls selling these snacks so go ahead and pick your favourite!

7. Keropok Lekok

No Malaysian is truly one if he or she doesn’t have a thing for Keropok Lekok. Ultimately, a fish-based Malaysian snack, no matter which background you are from, there’s just no way you can never say no to this and this stalls here located midway right next to salted fish bao stall sells batches of fresh, soft and crispy Lekok which fills up a plastic bag for just RM2. We like it with that extra chilli sauce for a dip and extra tingle of flavour. How would you like yours?

8.  Lok Lok

Penangites love having the best Lok Lok which means “dip dip” and is one of the MUST-EATS street foods in night markets in Farlim So if you see signs of fresh lok lok being sold with a crowd, do not hesitate to barge and get picking, put it in the boiler, choose the sauce of your life and get as much as you want! Discover some freshly skewed clams, cuttlefish, fish ball, sea snail, jellyfish, vegetables, fish balls and much more- all under one roof! Bite one and you’ll go for another for sure!

9. Grilled Chicken Bun

For the Ramli fans, they’re close in a healthier manner! Grilled to perfection on high heat, the burger without any add-on as we were stuffed was tender yet crispy with the marination of chicken managing to find its way through the sauces!

Preferably order without too much sauce to enjoy the burger sandwiched between fluffy buns as it is for an ultimate satisfaction! Priced at RM5, we thought it was pretty good in terms of quality and flavour!

10.  Everlyn Popcorn

Something to take it back home and for RM5, this buttered popcorn will make you forget your experience of years of eating soggy, tasteless popcorns. Everlyn’s version is round, crunchy and flavourful. Pop one of these into your mouth and this addictive snack will have you munching through the whole Tupperware!

11. Fried Fritters

Looking for some bite-size, crunchy yet aromatic snack that you can have on-the-go? This little store offers golden brown fried fritters packed with huge flavours. You can get renowned delicacies commonly found in Dim Sum joints such as  fried wantons, fried radish cake, fried taro dumpling (also known as Wu Gok), as well as baked Char Siew Bao. Be sure to give all of them a try as we’re sure you will be back wanting for more. 10 wantons for RM 5 ONLY? WE ARE A HUGE FAN FOR CRUNCHY GOODNESS!

Photo: @exing86
Photo: @exing86

12. Takoyaki

As a popular street food in Japan, give these Takoyaki a try and you will literally be transported to Japan. (We’re kidding, or maybe we’re not. 😉 ) These ball-shaped Japanese dumpling made with wheat flour and fillings of diced octopus are snacks you simply wouldn’t wanna miss out on. Trust us, its doughy texture is what gives them an absolute melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Photo: @exing86

13. Dim Sum

Steamy Dim Sums fresh from the oven are an absolute must-try when you’re stopping by at Farlim Night Market. Once you walk into the area of the pasar malam, you will definitely spot this store as there are trays of vibrant Dim Sum on display. I mean, who could resist tiny, vibrant, and fresh from the oven Dim Sum? Not us, for sure.

Photo: @exing86

14. Fried Chicken Giblets & Tau Kwa

Next up on our Farlim Night Market: 15 Must-Try Food You Can’t Afford To Miss (Updated Guide) is none other than fried chicken giblets which include chicken skin, chicken neck and chicken gizzards. Can you tell that we’re actually huge fans of crunchy snacks that are filled with wholesome goodness? If you find chicken giblets a little intimidating, you can opt for crispy fried tau kwa which is also pretty delicious. Think you’re up for some crispy, crackly chicken giblets, and tau kwa? Head on over to this store today.

Photo: @exing86

15. Mat Toh You Dessert 乜都有清補凉糖水

Alright, now that we’ve spent some time talking about snacks, we definitely will not leave out something to quench your thirst. While there are plenty of drink vendors you can visit, don’t forget to give this spot a try. Recognizable from afar for its striking pink van and attractive logo, this dessert spot offers a wide array of traditional Malaysian desserts like Ai Yu Ping (Lemon Ice Jelly), Barley Fu Chok, Bubu ChaCha and many more. You will definitely be spoilt for choice at Mat Toh You Dessert. (We’ve got your thirst covered.)

Photo: @cheechee81 (Instagram)

That’s it for our Farlim Night Market: 15 Must-Try Food You Can’t Afford To Miss (Updated Guide) as of right now. We promise we’ll be back with more foodie goodness. But for now, bring along a friend or your family to hype up this place on Wednesdays.

Photo: @exing86

Address: 27-75, Medan Angsana, Bandar Baru Ayer Itam, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Wednesday, 6 PM – 11:30 PM

Farlim Night Market: 15 Must-Try Food You Can’t Afford To Miss (Updated Guide)

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