New Giant Mural in Penang Features 30years Kaya Bread Vendor ‘Uncle Roti’


Behind every painting is a hidden story waiting to be discovered. Have you been in the area of Balik Pulau lately? If you have then you must have noticed the new gigantic mural of Uncle Roti with his bike. Besides the enormous size of the mural, the vibrant colours and quirky characters along with Uncle Roti also make the mural even more outstanding than it already was. You can find the mural at the parking lot right across from SJK(C) Sacred Heart in Balik Pulau. Aren’t curious to meet the person who inspired the piece?

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Andhar A. Samah (Facebook)

The humble uncle has been selling bread for 30 years.

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Acit Raman Abdullah (Facebook)

The humble man which goes by the name of Muniandi was described as a legend by a contemporary graffiti artist Acit Raman Abdullah in his latest post. In the mentioned post, Acit talked about the exchange he had with the legend about the new mural.

Just by selling kaya bread alone – He has raised a doctor, lawyer and soon-to-be chemical engineer!

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Andhar A. Samah (Facebook)

Acit then continued by saying “What is most impressive about this uncle is the sacrifices he has made for his family. His children are all successful, having become a doctor, a lawyer, and one more is currently studying – if I’m not mistaken – chemical engineering. Crazy wei, salute!”

Who should we thank for the mural?

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Andhar A. Samah (Facebook)

The artist behind the amazing piece is none other than a street artist with the name of Andhar A. Samah. In conjunction with the ‘Balik Pulau Festival 2019’, he was commissioned by the National Art Gallery and the Culture and Arts Department to work on the piece.

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Andhar A. Samah (Facebook)

The mural is nothing short of beautiful and mesmerising. If you happen to be in Balik Pulau, you have got to drop by for the masterpiece. Snap a photo and upload it online, we can’t wait to see more of Uncle Roti!

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