Famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng is Relocating In The Next Six Months

With the economic downtown, we’ve been hearing quite a number of unfortunate news on hawkers in Penang. Estranged from the coffee shop operator, the famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng was given a month notice to move out from their current spot. After a series of negotiation, they are now given 6 months to relocate.

Famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng to Relocate in Six Months:

Photo: @najee_mahshar (Instagram)

Nestled in Pulau Tikus, Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng has been operating in the same spot for 76 years. Stall owner Mahboob Md Zakarih, 67, said the business was passed down from his father.

As his relationship with the coffee shop operator turns sour, he was shortly given a month notice to move out by 1st of March 2021. It is almost impossible to find a new spot and relocate within such a short period of time. Not to mention with the ongoing pandemic, everyone is having a tough time.

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After a series of negotiation, Mahboob is now given a six-month extension on his lease. While he did not disclose the reason of dispute, he now has more time to settle down on a new spot.

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Authorities in Penang is also currently offering help to identify a few locations for Mahboob to reconsider. We’re heartbroken by the news, but such things happen to many popular hawkers. We’re glad that he’s given more time.

Photo: @manisans_n_more (Instagram)

While it is unsure where will Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng be relocated, let us patronize and show them some support. In the meantime, follow our social media and stay tuned for more updates. That’s all, don’t forget to share this piece of news out and buh bye!

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