FamilyMart Has Officially Opened Its 4th Penang Outlet At Caltex Raja Uda

Hi friends! When we speak of convenience stores, you would already know that Penang has recently welcomed several outlets of FamilyMart. Until today, we are still seeing a buzzing queue from all FamilyMart fans. Well, today, FamilyMart has just opened its 4th outlet over at Caltex Raja Uda Penang and we’re nothing short of excited!

4th Penang FamilyMart Outlet At Raja Uda Officially Opens Today

We’re sure FamilyMart requires no introduction. Be it their signature Sofuto, Oden, or even their wide variety of imported Japanese snacks, everyone is obsessed with FamilyMart. And, here’s the truth, ever since the opening of Penang’s first outlet over at Karpal Singh, we find ourselves wanting more.

FamilyMart Caltex Raja Uda
Photo: FamilyMart
FamilyMart Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie

So, if you’re still waiting in line to get inside of FamilyMart and bask in the wonders of Japanese snacks, we have a solution. They’ve just opened up another FamilyMart outlet over at Caltex Raja Uda today. If you’re from Mainland Penang, then this might just a piece of news that will make your day.

FamilyMart Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie
FamilyMart Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie

In case you’re curious as to the latest release of FamilyMart, they’ve just launched the ‘Around The World’ Series that lets you try out different food from different countries without leaving Malaysia.

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

Ready For A FamilyMart Invasion In Penang?

Well, are you guys excited about this? In fact, we think there may be more outlets opening in Penang soon! Before we go, shall we just call this a FamilyMart invasion? Bye!

Address: 2219, Jalan Raja Uda, Taman Tanjung Aman, 12300 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

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