FamilyMart’s Strawberry Sofuto Returns For Only RM0.99 (Here’s How)


  • FamilyMart members can now enjoy the Strawberry Sofuto for only RM0.99 at selected outlets
  • Penang: FamilyMart Karpal Singh, Autocity
  • KL & PJ: FamilyMart Mid Valley, IOI City Mall, NU Sentral, and Paradigm Mall PJ
  • Non-members can still enjoy at the usual rate of RM2.90

Happy TGIF family and friends! Kudos for getting through another hectic week! If your idea of an awesome Friday is to end it with something sweet, then we have just the right deal for you. FamilyMart is now swirling the Strawberry Sofuto and you can get it at under RM1. Just keep reading to find out more.

Try Out FamilyMart’s Strawberry Sofuto For Under RM1!

By now, avid fans of FamilyMart must’ve already known that the Sofuto flavour changes every now and then. From the classic Matcha Sofuto to crowd-favourite Belgian Dark Chocolate and all the way to seasonal flavours like White Peach and more, we can never get enough.

Photo: @angela77_matcha (Instagram)

Well, back in January, FamilyMart rolled out the Strawberry Sofuto and word is that it’s berry delicious. Now, FamilyMart is bringing them back again so if you’ve missed out on it, now’s your chance to experience this summer Sofuto flavour at selected outlets only for RM2.90.

FamilyMart Strawberry Sofuto
Photo: @tiliiy_noi (Instagram)

If you’re an exclusive FamilyMart MY member, then you can get this new Sofuto flavour at only RM0.99. Yes, that’s under RM1! As good things are always limited, so is this swirling deal. You can only find this flavour and redeem this deal at selected FamilyMart outlets in Penang, KL & PJ.

FamilyMart Strawberry Sofuto

Available At Selected Outlets Only

For Penang, you can get this at FamilyMart Karpal Singh and Autocity. If you’re in Klang Valley, you can get them at FamilyMart Mid Valley, IOI City Mall, NU Sentral, and Paradigm Mall PJ. All you need to do is flash your membership QR Code and enjoy the Strawberry Sofuto for only RM0.99. Not a member? You can still try out this flavour at the usual price of RM2.90.

So, if you’re close by any of these outlets, you know what to do! Happy Sofuto day guys!

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