FamilyMart Releases NEW Crayon ShinChan Inspired Pocket Sando And Pudding

Our love for FamilyMart knows no bounds. On a constant basis, they have new releases and attractive deals that make them our favourite convenience store to date. And today, they’ve just released several super adorable Crayon ShinChan inspired treats for us to relive our childhood memories. Manga lovers, this is for you!


FamilyMart X Crayon ShinChan Sweet Treats

Growing up, everyone is familiar with the blockbuster Japanese manga series, Crayon ShinChan. Whether it be through reading about it or watching it on TV, we all know about this 5-year-old quirky and curious little boy. Now all thanks to FamilyMart, they’ve dropped brand NEW desserts and goods inspired by our childhood favourite Japanese manga character. Let’s take a look!

FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan Dessert


FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan Dessert

First up, we have a reinvention of sandwich that lets us have them on the go, Pocket Sando. These Pocket Sandos are available in 3 new flavours together with 2 new pudding flavours.

FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan Dessert

  1. Vanilla Custard Pocket Sando – RM2.90

A smooth custardy vanilla filling sandwiched between soft fluffy bread sandwich

2. Chocolate Pocket Sando – RM2.90

Made for chocolate lovers, the Chocolate Pocket Sando comes with rich, chocolate filling


3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pocket Sando – RM2.90

Combining the best of both worlds, this Sando has rich chocolate filling together with creamy peanut butter.

FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan Dessert


4. Honey Lemon Milk Pudding RM5.50

FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan Dessert

The very first pudding comes layered with milk, topped with honey lemon for that refreshing after taste


5. Chocolate Cheese Pudding with Oreo Crumbs – RM6.50

FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan Dessert

Layered with chocolate and cheese, this pudding comes with Oreo crumbs for ultimate satisfaction.

ShinChan and his family are seen donning the packaging of these new desserts. If you cannot get enough of them, then there’s more. Limited edition Crayon ShinChan Tote Bags in 3 unique designs exclusively for FamilyMart members to redeem!

FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan
Black Tote Bag
Lip Tote Bag
FamilyMart Crayon Shin-chan
Navy Tote Bag

Bring a Crayon Shin-chan tote bag home with you in 3 simple steps:

  1. Check if your nearest FamilyMart outlet is available for redemption here.
  2. Redeem the bag with member points on the FamilyMart app
  3. Show voucher (on the voucher earned page) at the outlet to collect your tote bag

Do note that the Crayon ShinChan tote bag is only available for redemption, not for in-store purchase. And, only 1 tote bag design per user which is not exchangeable upon redemption.

Now Available At FamilyMart Outlets Nationwide

So hurry over to your nearest FamilyMart outlets and relive your ShinChan memories with the line of desserts and Tote bags. Bye!

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