Experience Italy’s Glorious Gluttony at Alfresco G Trattoria

This is what we call the real comfort food.

About the Space

Alfresco G Trattoria makes good use of their monochrome dining rooms and sleek overhead lighting. From the sleek look of white wall tiles and backsplashes, the very well-worn mirror decors, to the wooden tabletops, every corner is sprinkled with sparks of minimalism.

This namesake restaurant also has outdoor seatings placed in front of their little cocktail bar. Splashed with minimal aesthetics and arty touches, this is the best place for you to enjoy your evening sip and tune in the vibe.

Food Rundown

No matter the main dishes or desserts, everything here is always consistent. Despite having a rather extensive menu, it’s hard to make a wrong move menu-wise. And here’s what we ordered!

Unlimited Salad <FREE>

FOC All-you-can-eat salad?! Yes, you’ve heard it right. Order a main dish and you’ll be entitled to have unlimited salad and beverage at Alfresco G! Top up on your greens, reds and yellows at their salad bar to your heart’s content. Their salad is prepped daily- veg chopped, lettuce tossed and all checked for quality. They have their salad bar topped up regularly; all day, err’ day. Let them know if anything is running low- they’ll be glad to fill that up for you.


Crab Meat Fettuccini <RM48>

What’s an Italian Restaurant without some exquisite pasta? Munch on generous lumps of crab meat in a tangy tomato cream sauce- their Crab Meat pasta has the perfect al dente bite here. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing dish, but looks can be deceiving, and if you judge this book by its cover, you’re the one that’s missing out. This simple dish of theirs has been executed elegantly and truly reign supreme. Right up with the best and good value for money.

Pizza Burger <RM48>

Not sure if I should address this as a pizza or a burger, because it is a combination of both! This quirky dish is a must-try, and it’s totally fine to start drooling. We’re still mopping our chins from these bad boys until this day. Loaded with caramelized onion, egg and Emmental cheese, it packs a patty so beefy the smell hits you as soon as the burger gets anywhere near, its crust smashed, charred and crisp, its inner depths juicy. To be honest, Alfresco G’s effort is almost worth it for the side portion of french fries, alone.

Pizza Burger

Squid Ink Risotto <RM48>

For squid lovers, this dish would make a stellar meal. In fact, it does deserve the spotlight. This squid ink risotto combines the delicateness of the Carnaroli rice with the unmistakable flavour of squid ink. With the squid ink being glutamate-rich, it infuses with umami super well. Sweet, round, deep and pleasantly unctuous. To order or not to order? It’s a no brainer for sure.

Flower Gelato <RM10>

Never a meal will be complete without some desserts to wash it all off. Offering incredibly tasty artisan and natural gelatos and sorbets, their tongue-tingling gelato is made from natural ingredients. In fact, their gelato is made based on authentic recipes that taste like the Italian dessert staple, competing on flavour and price with other average outposts out there.

Their gelato flavours are fairly basic, but it’s in the sundae combinations where things really get creative. The surprise is that they even use a flat paddle-like spoon cutting a slice of whatever flavour combination you choose to create perfect petals of gelato sculpted to form a delicate rose in your cone. The refined white tiles decor of the interior makes the colourful selection of gelato flavours on offer a photogenic feast. Almost too good to eat!

Gelato Bingsu <RM20- RM24>

Not forgetting their bingsu where presentation is a win. Alfresco G’s bingsu is the epitome of simplicity. Infused with the perfect ratio of milk and condensed milk, this stunner features just the right amount of sweetness. One spoonful of this icy heap will leave you in awe! Top it all off with their gelato and your taste buds will feel the magic come to life.

Pay Alfresco G Trattoria A Visit Today

We believe that all the dishes above have got you drooling. You should definitely visit at least once, everything was nearly perfect in our opinion. We’ve done our part, now it’s up to you to tell us your experience. Head over to experience Italy’s glorious gluttony at Alfresco G Trattoria and question yourself if you’ve fallen for it already.

Alfresco G Trattoria

Address: 163D-1-31, Gurney Paragon, Gurney Dr, 10250 George Town
Operating Hours: 11.00am- 11.00pm daily
Visit their Facebook.


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