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TIME Magazine Listed Escape Penang As One Of The World’s Coolest Places 2019


When it comes to Penang, there are plenty of fun activities that can be done here aside from stuffing ourselves with Char Koay Teow, Laksa or even Hokkien Mee. That’s right, our tiny island is packed with some really good fun-in-the-sun activities too. We even have a theme park on our island itself, known as Escape Theme Park.

World’s Coolest Places 2019 By TIME: Escape, Penang

Recently, with the opening of a waterpark and helming the title of ‘World’s Longest Slide’, Escape is once again gaining international recognition. Escape is listed as one of the World’s Coolest Places by TIME Magazine! Yippee!

Escape listed as World's Coolest Places 2019
Photo: @straitstimes (Instagram)

So, if you’re a Penangite, you will most definitely have heard of Escape Theme Park. It’s located on the other end of the island, Teluk Bahang. Essentially, Escape is filled with thrilling activities such as Flying Lemur, Kite Flyer, and Go Bananas. Recently, a waterslide, measuring over 1000 meters was opened to the public and we all went crazy over it. Besides, with Penang’s scorching hot weather, some fun in the waters sounds really good right now.

Image result for escape penang
Photo: Escape (Facebook)

As there are so many fun things that can be done in Escape Penang, it’s no wonder it’s gaining recognition all over the world. Are you guys ready? Escape Penang is being listed as one of the World’s Coolest Places 2019 by TIME Magazine. To be detailed, this list included 50 of the World’s Coolest Places that are, at the same time, family-friendly.

Escape listed as World's Coolest Places 2019
Photo: @escapemy (Instagram)

Curious how they cooked up this list? Well, it’s actually a list nominated by a group of young readers (Come on, we know kids don’t lie right? ) which is then filtered based on ‘quality, originality, sustainability, and accessibility.’

Escape listed as World's Coolest Places 2019
Photo: (Website)

The result? Voila, 50 of the World’s Coolest Places in 4 main categories (Play, Learn, Explore & Eat). And Escape Penang is listed as the 6th spot under the category of ‘Play’.

Escape listed as World's Coolest Places 2019
Photo: (Website)

Now that Escape Penang is gaining one after another recognition internationally, we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be more packed with visitors too! If you’ve yet to pay Escape a visit, what are you waiting for? Be sure to visit one of the World’s Coolest Places before 2020 zooms in. That’s it for now, bye!

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