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ECC Coffee: A Comfy Cafe To Get Your Caffeinated Fixed

Get Caffeinated Here for Daily Dose!

Hear ye! Hear ye! With the blossoming of cafe scenes in town, we are glad to share that ECC Coffee is one of the best hyped coffee-cultured in Penang. This will be your new coffee spot to get those cuppa dosages you needed daily. ECC Coffee will surely up to your liking as they really pour all of their passions daily in perfecting the quality they served.

ECC Coffee Simply Best of the Best

Located at their outlet in Gurney Tower along Kelawai Road, ECC Coffee has been in the business when the launching of its first wave of signature coffee, chocolate and fruit tea happened back in 2016. This place has that so many good vibes to surround yourself with. From the selections of music to the cozy environment and friendly staff.

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The first thought we had in mind was how they managed to keep it simple and classy at the same time. From the outside, you might think that this place is ‘your typical coffee shop’ to chillin’ out. Upon walking into the cafe, you are amazed by the simplicity of the interior.

ECC Coffee Review

Also to note, they have an open kitchen to prepare your order from scratch. The nice ambience of the cafe as per you have entered another new dimension that allows you to chill, relax and get along with your work. At the left corner of the cafe, is a section called galleria which we believe it is a hall of fame for their products. Not that you can totally enjoy your coffee moment here, but you can also purchase the quality of their coffee beans, instant coffee, tea and many more.

Looking up above the counter, you will see its menu displayed which features vast of choices from a fairly good variety of fruit tea, to chocolate beverages and endless choices of coffee. Not to forget, ECC offers an assortment of pastries, cakes and muffins that you can enjoy together along with your drinks. There are two sitting area to choose from. The air-conditioned sitting area and the spacious outdoor area. If you are in the mood to enjoy an
alfresco experience, sitting outside it is. But if it is blazing hot on the island we would say the air-conditioned area is the better choice.

Grab a Bag of Coffee

ECC Coffee really takes its love and passion for coffee seriously where they only use best of the best coffee beans to serve. As for the coffee beans, there are Java, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala roast. The best of all is that their product is Halal-certified. We know what you are thinking, ‘but we don’t have coffee machine to begin with’. Worry not as their products range from coffee beans to instant coffee. How about us that prefer tea over coffee? Fret not tea lover, they never leave you behind with their delicious tea selections. With a tag line of “Here is what we have for you, quality coffee to savour every second”, making ECC Coffee as one of a must-visit cafes in Penang.

Penang Foodie Tasted!

Without further ado, this is what we had during our visit there.

Cinnamon Espressa

Firstly, we must say that nothing can go wrong with cinnamon. Cinnamon in your tea, cinnamon in your pastry, and who would have thought that it goes well with coffee too! It does has an unfamiliar after taste that is very strong but nevertheless if you are a big fan of cinnamon, give it a go. You will be surprised by it.

Irish Espressa

Next, the no alcohol just to mention as this drink will wake up your tastebuds and trust us that you will absolutely love the drink. The richness of the coffee are so compact and light at the same time. Intense much! We must say that this might be our new favourite to go.


Almond Espressa & Macadamia Espressa

These two modern-classic flavoured espresso are not be missed out too! If you are new to the coffee journey, go with something light and sweet first before you jump to the heavy shots. It does really shine out the quality coffee bean they are using because must we say that the coffee is out of space.


Moving on, not to worry if you are not a coffeeholic, because here at ECC Coffee they served tea and chocolate drinks as well. We had the chance to taste the classic chocolate
drink and WOW- it blowed our mind. It is like a rich chocolate bar tranformed into a drink but it is not heavy and thick. We say it- just nice.

Tomato and Cheese Ciabatta

Not your typical club sandwich must we say. They used and italian pastry as the buns which are very fluffy on the inside and enough crispy on the outside to give
you that kick. Layered together in the middle are the great sized of tomato and the thickness of the cheesee. You will like this.

Vanilla Walnut Cake

Suitable for an evening delight with that cuppa coffee you like. The cake is very light and aroma of vanilla is enough that we simply like it. Scooping it to our mouth, there is a surprise awaiting on the inside of the cake. That made our evening there.

Chicken Mushroom Pie

The selections of puff and pie that we really want to try it the Chicken Mushroom Pie and nope we didn’t regret it. It is a wonderful choice and we all know that double the creamy double the yummy.

ECC Coffee the New Spot to Chill

Last but not least, this coffee shop truly amazed us with their journey in perfecting those cuppa coffee they’re serving. We hope that you guys will enjoy this place as much as we had. Also not to forget to check out their promotion down below!

Address: Menara Gurney R-G-B1-2, Jalan Kelawai Penang, Malaysia

Operation Hour: Monday – Sunday 8.30am-11.30pm

Google Maps:


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