This Doctor in Penang Makes One-Of-A-Kind Sushi Cake That Is Umami-licious

Have you ever put two of your favourite food together and thought it’s the best of both worlds? We’d like to think that’s how Dr.Chef came up with their special cake. Not just any ordinary cream and butter cake, but custom sushi cakes made of premium ingredients. Yes you heard that right, it’s a sushi dream come true!


Dr.Chef Makes One-Of-A-Kind Custom Sushi Cake That Will Make You Salivate:

Photo: Penang Foodie

Dr.Chef is founded by a duo of food lovers, Dr.Ben and partner Yewen whose passion is simple — making food just the way they like to eat it. Started as a passion project, they were only baking for their friends and relatives during the MCO. After receiving overwhelming amount of positive feedbacks and re-orders, they decided to take a step further.  

Photo: Penang Foodie

Being a frontliner in the emergency unit, Dr.Ben is the mastermind behind every creative recipe, while Yewen does most of the baking and cooking while he’s away. The idea of a sushi cake isn’t exactly new, but Dr.Chef stood out by experimenting with different flavours and ingredients, elevating your savoury palate to another level.

Introducing Their Bestsellers, Sushi Cake & Sushi Bake:

Photo: Penang Foodie

Take a look at this Blooming Seasons Custom Sushi Cake, we’re drooling! This beautifully crafted sushi cake has different layers of flavours, representing the four seasons using delicious elements and ingredients.

Photo: Penang Foodie

Perfect snow white sushi rice represents Winter. They are filled with juicy Hokkaido scallops and topped with Japanese mayo and Ebiko. Autumn has elements of Kani Fumi (Snow crab leg) paired with Tobiko (flying fish roe) that gives you the bursting pop of flavour.  Topped with golden brown succulent Ebi Fry coated in soft Panko breadcrumbs. 

Photo: Penang Foodie
Summer, on the other hand, has Kinshi Tamago (shredded egg crepe) blooming with vividly colourful edible flowers. Not forgetting Dr.Chef ‘s Signature Mentaiko Sauce made up of sashimi-grade tuna, prawns and juicy mangoes. In fact, their mentaiko sauce is the highlight of their creation that delivers an irresistible umami flavour!
A touch of Spring using smoked salmon rose blossoms with Japanese zucchini leaves, along with Aonori (green laver) and creamy avocadoes, and the whole sushi cake is complete!
Photo: Penang Foodie
Each sushi cake is priced from RM138 and they’re perfect for any special occasion with your loved ones. Bring this masterpiece to the table and we can guarantee it’ll be the star of the show.
Photo: Penang Foodie
Prefer something less extravagant? Their Creamy Mentaiko Seafood Sushi Bake (not bae) is great as at-home meals. Using premium ingredients like sashimi-grade tuna slices, succulent prawns, imported Japanese Furikake and more, feel the flavours dance on your palate with every bite! Their generous layer of Signature Mentaiko Sauce also brings the whole dish to another level of savouriness.
Photo: Penang Foodie
Every order of Sushi Bake comes with free nori and cucumber strips so you can turn the dish into sushi or onigiri. They’re priced at RM22 per set for 1 pax, and RM38 per set for 2 pax.
Photo: Penang Foodie

Some Fun Fact About Dr.Chef Menu:

Photo: Penang Foodie

See some ingredients that you wish to opt out from the dish? Don’t worry, customers are free to customize both Sushi Cake and Sushi Bake according to their own preference. Dr.Chef also stressed that every ingredient used is fully cooked already, so indulge at ease and worry about the calories later!

Psst: They’re not spicy, so enjoy these drool-worthy dishes together with your kids and family!

Foodies, if you love both sushi and cake, give Dr.Chef a call and you’ll get the best of both worlds! The flavours and presentation are truly impeccable. To order, drop them a message and book in advance. Do be patient as they’re a two-man show.

Dr. Chef

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