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Dinesaur To Bring Up Pop-Up Dining Culture in Penang

A contemporary pop-up dining culture that brings you to new places, adventures and experiences.

Dinesaur – the brainchild of Rent A Space aims to bring you a contemporary pop up dining culture takes you to new places, adventures and experiences. Featuring some of the best chefs around the globe, they take you on an exhilarating journey of gourmet discovery, from uncharted terrains to beautiful urbanities.


dinesaur popup dining

Bringing pop-up dining to the next level –

Pop-Up Dining in Penang by Dinesaur

Pop-Up dining is something new to Penangites. They are like temporary restaurants, and these restaurants often operate from a private home, former factory, private spaces and during festivals.

dinesaur event

It is the combination of unique food and different space that spark our hearts, and you’ll get the recipe for an unforgettable dining experience. In fact, Penang appears to be ahead of the curve, and it’s the perfect city for it, because there is so much underutilized space.

Dinesaur X Chef Johnson

The first-ever pop-up dining hosted by the team – Dinesaur X Chef Johnson at Urban Spice Cafe.

chef johnson

The Urban Spice Cafe’s kitchen was taken over by talented Chef Johnson and their extended team. His experience in the kitchen extends to some of the world’s best and Michelin-starred restaurants. A chef on a mission, he is back to Penang – to infuse locally cultured ingredients with skilful preparation to creating spectacular food experiences.

 to infuse locally cultured ingredients with skillful preparation to creating spectacular food experiences. – Chef Johnson

Food of the night – Heritage Series

We love what was brought to our table that night. Chef Johnson boasts a dynamic and creative character that is reflected in his refined presentation of classic fine-dine dishes. All of the ingredients are handpicked by the chef, crafted truthfully and presented to the guests.

Here are the 4 dishes we had:


1.Mud Crab

dinesaur dinner

2. 62.5C Egg


3. Slipper Lobster


4. Penang White Coffee

Choose red, white wine or fruit punch to pair with your dinner. What a plus point right!

The Overall Experience of Pop-Up Dining by Dinesaur

We’re really impressed with the event. Everything is nicely planned, the staffs are very attentive and the crew is very professional as well. In fact, it was our first time experiencing pop-up dining in Penang and we really look forward what the crew could bring us next.

Can it be dining in the park, beach or sky? Let’s see.

To ease you guys in spotting their upcoming events, please find the information below. They are really helpful so don’t be shy to ask them anything including – where to throw a party for my 60-year-old grandmother. 😛

Dinesaur |Facebook:

  • RM200 per pax for the 4-course dinner RM228 per pax for the 4-course dinner + free flow fruit cordial
  • RM288 per pax for the 4-course dinner + free flow wine (red & white)

For reservations, contact Joel at +6016-4214720 or Darren at +6016-5530992. *Only limited seats are available.

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