Death By Misadventure Of Six In Penang After Taking In Cheap Liquor

The 21st century has been an advancement to mankind but we cannot disagree that there are tons of manmade miseries going around the world. Today The Star has reported the death of six and seven hospitalized due to drinking cheap liquor that was created black-heartedly. Among the six, two victims were locals, three were Myanmar nationals and one from India. Seven that are currently receiving treatment in hospital are all Myanmar.

Photo: The Star

According to The Star, Comm Che Zaimani said that methanol was used instead of ethyl to process the cheap liquor. Methanol is the simplest alcohol that is far more toxic than ethyl (drinking alcohol) and is mainly used for antifreeze, solvent, fuel, and denaturant for ethanol. The processed toxic alcohol was then poured into authentic brands’ bottles, added by Comm Che Zaimani.

A syndicate that has been active for two months was believed to be the one distributing the cheap liquor.

600 ‘High-Class Whisky’, 312 cans of ‘El Diablo Super Strong Brew’ and 24 cans of ‘Martens Extra Strong’ worth around RM8000 were confiscated at a shop in Komtar after a raid conducted on June 15, 2019. Despite being illegal liquor, it was not stated to be related to the deaths.

Be Careful Of Fake Alcohol That Might Be Harmful

Let’s be careful fam, cheap things may be a bargain but who knows when they’re bad for us? What would you do if someone offers cheap booze the next time? Leave your comments right below!

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