Dān 单: Beautiful Hideout in Penang

If you need a cozy place to unwind, think Dān 单.

Don’t we all love to dine at great vibe cafe? For me, I absolutely love the effort put into the design of a cafe. Oh, great selection of music is also a plus point too. If you have any cafe like this in your mind, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section!


Dān 单

In today’s review, Penang Foodie wants to show you one of the most beautiful hideouts in Penang. Guys, meet Dān 单. Dān 单 is a newly opened cafe in Lebuh Farquhar, below Penang Bowl.

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Dān is really beautiful. The cafe’s interior is full of plants. White colour is the main element and cool plants are aplenty in this cafe. Wifi is available here, thus we spent some quality times here writing our next blog while enjoying the great ambience here.

How’s the food?

dan penang


We ordered Matcha Lava Cake (RM18). Topped with ice cream and grapes, with hot molten matcha lava on the inside. We really enjoy eating it. Nevertheless, we think that the price is a bit overpriced given the relatively small portion. That said, RM18 is not something we are willing pay for the second time. On a side note, you’ll still need to pay for parking. We paid RM6 for parking, so if you do some maths, it costs RM24 already.

Update: Parking tickets can be stamped at Penang Bowl.


In the nutshell

Dan is the place for you to take the some of the best shots for your Instagram account with their pleasing decor and ample natural light. Although the cake is overpriced in our opinion, this place is worth a visit at least once if you have the chance. Anyway, we didn’t try their coffee, feel free to share with us if you tried it!


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Dān 单


Address: 38/1 Lebuh Farquhar George Town, Malaysia

Operating Hour: Mon-Sat: 1PM – 10PM ( closed on Sunday )


  1. I’ve tried their Hojitcha latte, its very good and hardly find any in Penang’s cafe. Also do provide the info for future visitors that the parking tickets can be stamped in Penang bowl, and that should cost only around RM2-3 if you spend averagely 3 hours there.

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