Daboba Is Here To Conquer Penang With Their Golden Pearls!

Make way for this new kid on the block!

Hey guys, we hope that you’re doing fantastic! We got some juicy news right here, another bubble milk tea brand is coming to town! Can you guess which one or what animal is it going to be? Is this good news or is it a bad one? That’s up for you to decide, we’re just here to inform you of its opening.

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Daboba is here to conquer Penang with their golden pearls!

Daboba Penang
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So, which animal do you have in your mind? If it’s a bear, then ting ting ting, you got it right! Daboba with its adorable bear icon is finally opening its door in Penang this June! After a phenomenal response from their previous outlets about their beverages, they’re now in our area to blow us away! We’ve listed out a few drinks you should definitely try over at Daboba down below so continue reading!

Honey X Golden Pearl

daboba penang
@dabobamalaysia (Instagram)

Wait, so you thought that KOI is the only one with golden pearls? How wrong were you, my friend! Surprise because Daboba has it too! While you’re there, no doubt you should try out their Honey X Golden Pearl, a break from the usual brown sugar with fresh milk!

Roasted Brown Sugar

daboba penang
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But if you’re an avid fan of brown sugar drinks and you swore by to try out all the brown sugar drinks you can get your hands on, by all means, try out their Roasted Brown Sugar! Unlike the typical brown sugar drink you can find anywhere, they one-up their competitors with their specially roasted cheese!

Mango Yoghurt

@ivytanfiesta (Instagram)

Thick, creamy and refreshing mango yoghurt for the hot weather! The taste of mango is soooo rich that with just a sip, you’ll experience the best mango explosion in your mouth. Not to mention, topped a smooth layer of yoghurt, its dynamic is not to be underestimated! See you there!

📍 Lot 2, Aroma Hotel Aroma Hotel No 11, Butterworth Business City Centre, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.

📞 016-591 8181


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