This Platform Supports Penang Hawkers By Uploading Their Photos And MCO Operating Info

Penang has just transitioned into Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan. While more outdoor exercises are permitted, the dine-in ban remains in place. And we all know that our hawker aunties and uncles are struggling to stay afloat. This is where Dabao Penang comes in.

Dabao Penang Helps Local Hawkers Weather The Storm

Dabao is a community initiative that allows Penangites to share photos and relevant information of hawkers. Then, they will be shared on Dabao’s Instagram and Facebook platforms. This is especially helpful for hawkers who are not tech-savvy as they will receive social media exposure for their local businesses.

Dabao Penang Hawkers
Photo: @dabaopg (Instagram)
Dabao Penang Hawkers
Photo: @dabaopg (Instagram)

Here are the easy steps you can help out local hawkers

  1. Snap a photo of the hawker’s stall front view, menu/price list, the hawker/owner and include information like contact number, general location, operating hours. Oh and don’t forget a photo of the food before you start digging in!
  2. Submit information on (1) on the link here and you’re done!

In fact, there’s more to this initiative. The next time you’re scratching your head thinking where to dabao, check out the DabaoMap to find hawkers close to your area. Because in trying times like these, we can always support local.

Dabao Penang Hawkers

Do you have a favourite hawker stall in Penang? Perhaps you’re thinking of helping them weather through this storm then it’s time to upload photos and information on Dabao Penang!

Dabao Penang HawkersPhoto: @dabaopg (Instagram)

Dabao Penang Hawkers
Photo: @dabaopg (Instagram)

#SupportLocal Hawkers

It may not be much but every little bit helps. Remember to always #SupportLocal! Bye!

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