COVID-19: 3 Confirmed Cases At Jamal Mohamed Nasi Kandar, Butterworth Penang

Good morning friends! With the surge of cases in Penang, it’s only normal if we stay home unless necessary. And if you really have a valid reason to head out, it’s best to abide strictly by the SOPs. Just hours ago, Jamal Mohamed Nasi Kandar restaurant over in Butterworth has released a statement confirming that there are 3 positive COVID-19 cases. As a result of this, the restaurant in Butterworth will be closed for sanitisation works.

3 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases At Jamal Mohamed Nasi Kandar, Butterworth

According to the statement posted on its official Facebook page, the COVID-19 positive customer visited the restaurant on 4th November 2020. Subsequently, on the 13th of November, KKM had carried out screening among 7 restaurant workers. 2 workers later tested positive after being infected by the customer.

Photo: @nkjmofficial (Facebook)

As a result of this, Jamal Mohamed Nasi Kandar at Kg Benggali had to be closed from yesterday for contact tracing as well as sanitisation purposes. The restaurant’s closure took place from 16th November until further notice and only involved the branch at Butterworth, Penang.

Photo: @nkjmofficial (Facebook)


COVID-19 Cases In Malaysia

Take Care, Penangites

The restaurant will be keeping us updated if there is any news. So for now, always take care and stay safe wherever you may be.

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