Cheer “Kopi Merdeka” 3 Times And Redeem A FREE Tealive Coffee On August 17

Merdeka Day is upon us and what better way to celebrate this joyful occasion than “shouting out” your patriotism? Prove your love for Malaysia by visiting your nearest Tealive outlet on August 17 (Wednesday) and proclaiming “Kopi Merdeka” 3 times to redeem a FREE Tealive coffee!


Tealive Celebrates Merdeka With 30,000 Cheers From Patriotic Customers

In conjunction with National Day, Malaysia’s home-grown lifestyle tea brand Tealive is bringing our country 30,000 cheers from customers by rewarding 10,000 customers who cheered “Kopi Merdeka” 3 times in any outlet. Be one of these proud Malaysians to get a FREE full-sized 12oz Signature Coffee this coming Wednesday, August 17.

According to Founder and CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, Bryan Loo, they believed that ushering in Merdeka two weeks before Aug 31 would give us a sense of patriotism and an early head-start in showing our gratitude to loyal Malaysianfans. There will also be a discount of 31% off Signature Coffee all the way till Merdeka Day, August 31.

“As a Malaysian brand, we serve the rakyat every day in every nook and corner of our beloved country. We are proud of our Malaysian heritage as we expanded into ASEAN countries, Europe, Australia and now even Africa,” he said.

All thanks to the support of Malaysian Tealive fans, they will be opening their 800th store next month. 

There’s More To Come!

Rejoice, coffee fans! Tealive will be expanding its coffee menu which will be available at all Tealive stores this coming August 17. Expect a wider range of coffee that is made to order using only premium Arabica beans. 

Try a sip of this aromatic coffee this Wednesday at your nearest Tealive outlet! Each cup will be served freshly brewed for your enjoyment. You can also have it as your morning dose of caffeine with Tealive stores at Petronas stations in the Klang Valley opening as early as 8 am.


“As a brand, Tealive has promoted the modern tea-drinking culture since 2017 and now, we’re expanding our coffee menu for ‘Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere’ including Signature Coffee using Aren Palm Sugar from Borneo. Try out this delicious savoury sweetness with a tinge of caramel. Remember to flip it for a full and satisfying lava effect,” Loo added.

Don’t miss out on their latest Aren Palm Sugar series, featuring 4 NEW drinks including: 

  • Aren Original Pearl Milk Tea
  • Aren Black Diamond (with option to switch to Oatmilk)
  • Aren Cocoa with Pudding
  • Aren Signature Coffee

The palm sugar is naturally sourced and produced from local farmers in Sarawak, Borneo. Not only is it a healthier option with a lower glycaemic index, but this partnership also enables local farmers to have consistent income. 

Shout Out “Kopi Merdeka” At Tealive And Enjoy FREE Coffee On August 17 

What are you waiting for, Tealive fans? Show us how much you love your country this coming Wednesday by just proclaiming “Kopi Merdeka” 3 times. By doing so, you earn yourself a cup of Signature Coffee as a reward for your patriotism and great support. 

For more information, visit Tealive here.


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