Châteraisé From Japan Is Opening Its First Penang Outlet At Gurney Plaza


  • Châteraisé hailed all the way from Japan is opening its first Penang outlet
  • It will be located at Gurney Plaza
  • Opening date will be confirmed soon

Hello foodies! It’s us again! As we constantly fill up your feed with the latest food deals and news, we’re back at it today. We’re here to let you guys know that Châteraisé, a famous patisserie hailed all the way from Japan will be opening its very first outlet in Penang soon! Keep reading to find out more.

Châteraisé Is Opening Its First Penang Outlet Soon

Okay, so as always, let’s start off with some brief background chat. Before Châteraisé, it was originally Amataro dating way back to the year of 1954, in Kofu City, Japan. Châteraisé has signature pastries made with fruits. Aside from that, they also have matcha pastries, Taiyaki ice cream, macarons, cream puff and more.

Châteraisé Penang
Photo: @ChâteraiséMalaysia (Facebook)
Châteraisé Penang
Photo: @chateraise.singapore (Instagram)

Châteraisé has expanded internationally over to Taiwan, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Thailand, as well as Hong Kong. The very first Châteraisé outlet in Malaysia opened Isetan KLCC on March 2016. In Japan alone, there are now over 400 outlets of Châteraisé.

Châteraisé Penang
Photo: @chateraise.singapore (Instagram)
Châteraisé Penang
Picture: @chateraise.singapore (Instagram)
Châteraisé Penang
Photo: @chateraise.singapore (Instagram)

Now, in 2020, they will be coming over to Penang, specifically, Gurney Plaza. So, Penangites, it’s time to brace yourselves. While the opening date isn’t confirmed, we’ll be sure to keep you guys updated when we have any news.

Châteraisé Penang
Photo: @GurneyPlaza (Facebook)

Are You Guys Ready For This?

We need to ask one question before we go. On a scale of 1-5, how excited are you guys for the very first Châteraisé outlet in Penang? We’re definitely on level 6 but who’s judging? Attractive, delicious pastries, we’re coming for you!

Co-written with Joe Sin Lim

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