Ipoh Famous Muslim-Friendly Dim Sum Restaurant Is Now In Penang

Hello, friends! We are so excited to share with one of the best Muslim-friendly dim sum spots in Penang. Through our Q&A sessions via Instagram Stories, we have found out that many people are searching for a good Muslim-friendly dim sum restaurant to stuff their faces. You will be glad to know that one of the most famous dim sum restaurants from Ipoh has finally landed on the island!


Ipoh Famous Canning Dim Sum

It is a known fact that Ipoh is famous for churning out bite-sized Cantonese delicacies. One of the well-known places for Muslim-friendly dim sum is Canning Dim Sum Restaurant, tucked in Lebuh Cecil Rae. It is a street that is frequented by Muslims to taste Chinese delicacies. Now, you don’t have to drive 160 kilometers to grab a bite of one of the best Muslim-friendly dim sums in Malaysia!

Recently opened in Bayan Lepas, Canning Dim Sum Express serves an identical menu with the branch located in Ipoh. Each and every dim sum is carefully prepared to ensure that it has the same taste as well! Strategically located in D’Piazza, the brand new restaurant is absolutely spacious and tastefully decorated. Regardless if you’re coming with a big or small family, they got you covered.

10 Things You Will Need To Try

1. Abalone Caviar Mai

We are going to kickstart the list with something very fancy. Introducing Abalone Caviar Mai, probably the most expensive dim sum the restaurant has to offer. Served on a porcelain spoon, it comes with a huge siew mai, and topped off an abalone and sprinkled with fish roe. The texture and taste of this bite-sized dish is definitely interesting!

2. 4 Season Blessings

Instagram-worthy is definitely an understatement for this dish! Meet 4 Season Blessings, the most colourful spread of har gows in Penang. You will be happy to know that no artificial colourings are used to create these Chinese delicacies. Instead, the colours are from butterfly peas, chilli, and spinach! Each colours present different meanings. As an example, blue is for freedom and growth!


3. Smoked Duck Roll 

Here’s another good bite from Canning Dim Sum Express. A strip of smoked duck meat is carefully wrapped onto a vegetable ball before steaming. Although it appears to be dry, it surprisingly comes with gravy. Grab the dish, carrot strips, and dip it into the gravy before popping into your mouth! The taste of the delicious smoked duck will keep you coming back for more!

4. Lava Pau


We are sure that you have tried these paus before! These paus with oozing fillings were made famous in recent years. Commonly, many Chinese restaurants serve paus with salted egg fillings. We are glad to know that there’s nothing common here. Pick different fillings including black sesame, chocolate, peanut, lotus, and salted egg! Or, don’t choose and have them all in a set!

5. Teochew Mai

This Muslim-friendly restaurant serves up a mean siew mai. But, if you’re planning to try out an elevated version, Teochew mai will be your best pick. Packed with a generous amount of shrimps and chicken meat, Teochew mai comes with very distinctive purple skin. Topped off with crushed peanuts, it adds an extra crunch in comparison to the usual siew mai.


6. Mini Barbecue Buns

We have been talking about about a lot of steamed delicacies. Up next, we have something fried. Brand new to the menu, mini barbecue buns are fried buns stuffed with barbecue chicken meat. It doesn’t have a pau texture, instead, it is more similar to a mantao. The golden-brown small buns are super tasty when you eat it hot. Watch your fingers!

7. Chicken Glutinous Rice

Chicken glutinous rice, also commonly known as lo mai gai, is a pretty common delicacy. However, Canning Dim Sum Express executed the dish really well. You will be happy to know that is a good ratio among mushrooms, chicken, and glutinous rice! Appearing in an oval shape instead of the conventional round shape, it is very tasty by itself. No chilli sauce is necessary.

8. Sweet & Sour Beancurd Roll

Here’s something that you will probably never though of ordering. We are here to change your mind! Sweet and sour is a favourite flavour by locals. Who knew that you can have it for breakfast? Chicken meat and mushrooms are carefully rolled with beancurd skin before steaming. Then, it is drenched with sweet and sour sauce. It gives your tastebud new flavours considering that most dim sums are eaten with chilli sauce on the side.

9. Spicy Chicken Crab Pau

Pau season isn’t over yet. The restaurant made pau flavours that you can’t find anywhere else on Earth. Flavours include Spicy Chicken Crab Pau, Cheese Salami Pau, and Chicken Floss Pau. We have tried all of them and our personal favourite is Spicy Chicken Crab Pau. Overall, it has a very good flavour. But, as expected, there is more chicken meat compared to crab meat.

10. Osmanthus Cake

We are saving one of the best for the last! Canning Dim Sum Express has some good choices for desserts. Some choices are ice zong zi in multiple flavours, and Sun & Moon Fruit Wagashi. We have chosen a dim sum favourite, osmanthus cake. It is definitely a dish that you will need to jiggle for Instagram. The wobbly dessert acts as a palate cleanser. A good way to end a really good meal!

Now Available In Bayan Lepas

Apart from the dishes listed above, there are still many dishes for you to try. You will find common favourites such as siew mai, sesame balls, fried radish cake, prawn fritters, and so many more! Hands down, this pocket-friendly restaurant is worth visiting. The ambiance of the restaurant makes it a really good spot for catching up with friends and family. Tag your buds!

Address: 70-1-60, D’Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: Opens daily except Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Status: Pork-free

Link(s): Facebook Page

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