11-Year-Old Penangite Funds Over RM2000 For Animal Shelters By Selling Waffles

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Good day friends and foodies! While we’re all stuck at home during MCO, how many of you actually gave some thoughts to our furry friends? Well, considering the fact that movement out of home is restricted, who will be feeding the stray animals on the street? Animal shelters are also struggling to keep adopted animals as well as strays well-fed. But a young entrepreneur, at the age of 11 is doing her part by raising funds for these local animal shelters. Keep reading!

Young Entrepreneur Funds Local Animal Shelters In Penang

Caitlin's Waffles
Photo: CaitlinTang

Caitlin Tang, 11 from Penang is baking and selling waffles to nearby residents and the proceeds will be donated to local animal shelters such as IAPWA Penang and more. The idea of raising funds to local animal shelters came to Caitlin by a fellow neighbour who complimented her waffles.

Having shown interest in a school subject on entrepreneurship, Caitlin then further ventured into this humble business with the help and support of her parents. Her father aided Caitlin in setting up her very own e-commerce site to cater to enthusiastic orders.

Caitlin's Waffles
Photo: CaitlinTang
Caitlin's Waffles
Photo: (Website)

In addition, both her parents are helping out with the delivery of waffles to nearby areas of Tanjung Bungah and Tanjung Tokong.

Caitlin's Waffles
Photo: CaitlinTang
Caitlin's Waffles
Photo: @SeanKhoo (Facebook)

And, that isn’t it! Caitlin even designed her very own leaflet promoting her waffles-venture! Suffice to say, she’s got design and baking skills in her blood! Since day 1 of her project on 19th April, Caitlin has successfully raised a whopping amount of RM2364! This is all because of one particular customer who donated RM1000 thus sky-rocketing the fund.

Photo: Caitlin’sWaffles

“Many would remember this MCO as a time of doom and gloom but for me, this will be one part of my life which I will never forget. During the last few days, I have spoken to and been in contact with some of the nicest and most generous people. I am humbled by all your compliments but I would like you to know that without your support, this donation drive would not be successful. So a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”

– Caitlin-

Caitlin's Waffles
Photo: @SeanKhoo (Facebook)

Support Caitlin’s Waffles Today!

So, if you’re looking to lend a helping hand but unsure of where to start, this might be a good starting point. Order some waffles from Caitlin and you can support her humble business and at the same time, our local animal shelters too! A tiny kindness goes a long way all thanks to Caitlin and her heart of gold.

Link: Website


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