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Bridge of Hope (Jambatan Harapan) In Penang

New hope begins!

Calling out all the cyclist, pedestrians and anybody who’s keen on getting some fresh air with a breathtaking ocean view we never got soak up before, here’s your chance at the Bridge of Hope.

Bridge of Hope (Jambatan Harapan)

Known as the Bridge of Hope or Jambatan Harapan, this Penang’s latest attraction is currently the only bridge in the country designed primarily for cyclist and strollers. Located by the south of Queensbay Mall up till the Lim Chong Eu north-south expressway,  there’s ample of space for a joyride. Now who else wants to hug our dearest Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and ‘jio’ him for a bike ride besides us?


Covering a stretch of 171km of the 180km bike route and working towards completing the rest by 2020, the Penang State Government hopes this space could encourage people to ride more. Allocated a fund of 8.9 million for the Bridge of Hope, they weren’t kidding when they said ‘Time to get riding’!   So what are you waiting for ??? Now certainly isn’t time to be a couch potato! Get on your gears and get a jump start on this brand new Spiral beauty.

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