Boudoir by Dad’s Woods: New Bar That Serves Sips In A Furniture Gallery

Time to get fancy.

How many fusions can you think of? We are sure you can think of a few. But, did a fusion of a cocktail bar, and furniture gallery popped up in your mind? That seems to be highly unlikely. Definitely, this concept is very new and out of this world! It used to be really dreadful to go to the furniture stores with your parents, but this is about to change ’cause Boudoir by Dad’s Woods are serving some amazing sips in a furniture gallery. You Need To Check Out This Really Sleek Cocktail Bar!

You Need To Check Out This Really Sleek Cocktail Bar!

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Dad’s Woods, a very sleek furniture gallery located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, and Backdoor Bodega, an innovative bar at Jalan Gurdwara came into collaboration and made Boudoir by Dad’s Woods. If you are wondering, Boudoir is a French word that basically means a woman’s private bedroom or salon. The super sleek and luxurious Boudoir is located at Lorong Birch, just a few minutes drive from Gurney Paragon.

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

The Space Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods
Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Boudoir is located in a heritage house. It has two floors in total. Stepping into Boudoir, you will notice the most beautiful sofas in dusty rose and light teal. The tables are made with the heaviest tree trunks in Peninsular Malaysia, and it is perfectly coated into gold. There is a dressing table on the right, and it is absolutely perfect for selfies. Going in, there are extra seating place with white fluffy pillows overseeing the courtyard.

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

The courtyard brings a lot of light into the entire space, making it the best point to take your outfit of the days! The magic happens at the end ’cause there is a bar there! Take a seat right at the bar, and watch the bartender perform! The second floor also serves as an art gallery! Bring glit to the ‘gram with one their super shiny installation. By the way, outdoor seatings are available on the second floor!

It Is Time For Some Cocktails!

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Let us introduce you some really classy cocktails from Boudoir by Dad’s Woods! Checking out their menu, you will notice that one side is made for cocktails, and the other side is made for furniture. What a cool concept. In total, they are offering eight cocktails only. So, if you are one the many people who can’t decide what to order, Boudoir is saving you some time! Oh, the menu is broken down into cocktails for men and women. Wink!

1. Prom Queen

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Prom Queen makes you feel like you’re in a happy carnival simply because it is made out of bubblegum syrup. It is also mixed with Absolut vodka, lemon, lime, and egg white. The RM 32 cocktail is served in a fancy wine glass that fits the atmosphere perfectly. If you are looking for something tasty and pink, this is the one you need to order!

2. Dirty Peach

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

You guessed it! Another fancy cocktail that comes in a wine glass is made out of peach tree liqueur combined with Absolut vodka, syrup, lemon, and egg white. It is a great order if you are looking for something light, fruity, and refreshing. The RM 38 cocktail is garnished with a peach on a skewer. Eat it before you start off your cocktail journey at Boudoir!

3. Moonstone

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

One of the greatest drinks of all time! Moonstone is made for gin and tonic lovers! Boudoir took it to the next level by adding in lemon peels, and peppercorns. It is made with Hendrick’s Gin, so you know they are using the good stuff. Moonstone overshadows all the other cocktails when it comes to presentation! The RM 32 cocktail is placed on a plate, surrounded by pebbles to give it a little moon vibe.

4. Guilty

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Almost similar to an Old Fashion, the RM 32 is made out of Bourbon, brown sugar, and Angostura Bitters. The bitter and super strong cocktail is garnished with a cherry on top. Boudoir also serves other cocktails made with elderflower syrup, orchid syrup, Maraschino liqueur, and Jose Cuervo. Backdoor Bodega are really good at making cocktails, so you need to check it out, for sure!

Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Photo: Boudoir by Dad’s Woods

Boudoir by Dad’s Woods is certainly a must visit. You need to check it once in your life ’cause you can never find a fusion between a cocktail bar and furniture gallery anywhere else. It is a good hangout place over the weekends with your girlfriends, or a place where you can bring to impress your special someone. You get the idea!

📍 Google Map | ⏰ Opens daily except Tuesday, 9:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

💻 Facebook | 📱 012 499 6631


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