Abandoned Phone Booths In George Town Transformed Into Colourful Mini Libraries

Hello! Do you consider yourselves a bookworm? For avid readers, having a great book in hand can transport our minds to an entirely different universe. Well, if you’re someone who can spend hours in a bookstore or at a library, then today’s post is for you. We’ve spotted several public phone booths in George Town that were transformed into colourful mini-libraries.

Abandoned Phone Booths Transformed Into Mini-Libraries In Penang

If you manage to see a pop of colour while you’re along Beach Street, then chances are you’ve just caught a glimpse of our new public amenity. Right outside of Balai Polis Lebuh Pantai, there are now 3 new colourful mini-library booths.

George Town Mini LibraryPhoto: PenangFoodie

This project is an initiative by Penggerak Komuniti Muda (PEKA) together with MBPP to instil the culture of reading. In each booth, there are books in various genres, Penang Monthly publications as well as Buletin Mutiara newspapers.

George Town Mini LibraryPhoto: PenangFoodie

George Town Mini LibraryPhoto: PenangFoodie

In addition to that, you can also drop your pre-loved books or related materials to booths here. Aside from being a mini public library, there are also charging points for those in need of battery juice or even as a rest area. There is also built-in lighting for night reading!

George Town Mini LibraryPhoto: PenangFoodie

George Town Mini LibraryPhoto: PenangFoodie

Check Out These Colourful Mini Libraries In George Town

Word is that there will be more of these mini-library booths coming up soon so be on the lookout! One thing’s for sure, these additions are a much-needed pop of colour for Penang. Will you be checking them out? Let us know!

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Featured Image: Penang Foodie | Penggerak Komuniti Muda – PEKA

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