Be Part Of Malaysia Book Of Records With Your S/O At Gurney Paragon Mall This February

As we’re approaching the end of CNY and January, February will be zooming in soon and this means one thing: Valentine’s Day! It’s also the only day in the entire year where we get pampered with roses, chocolates and most importantly, love. So this year, how will you be celebrating love? Why not take part in Gurney Paragon Mall’s event, Love At First Bite? Just keep reading as we guarantee, this will be one of the most memorable V-Day for you guys.

Before we delve into more details of this event, do you guys remember that one time you fell in love with your significant other? Was it love at first sight? Or, was it a relationship that blossomed from friendship? Regardless, Valentine’s Day is to celebrate LOVE, no matter which kind.

So, when you guys are done with dinner, head over to Gurney Paragon Mall and join in on their celebration of love! Be amongst the 50 couples to create the largest Heart-Shaped cupcakes formation!

Gurney Paragon Love At First Bite


The Malaysia Book Of Records

And when we say largest, yes! it’s also an attempt to make a mark in the Malaysia Book of Records! See? This Valentine’s, you and your partner will both get to be famous! Woohoo!

Gurney Paragon Love At First Bite

Curious as to how this ACTUALLY works? Well, the 50 couples will just need to fill up the fillings section of the cupcakes formation and fret not, there will be staff on duty to guide the couples too. Aside from making into Malaysia’s Book of Records, each couple in the Love at First Bite event will also receive a certificate of participation.

Gurney Paragon Love At First Bite

This event will undoubtedly bring you and your partner closer because it takes co-operation with other couples to form a complete cupcake. Other than that, there’ll also be FREE cupcakes to shoppers  on 9 Feb (3 pm, 6 pm) & 14 Feb (2 pm, 6 pm)

Now that you already know the gist of this event, doesn’t it sound super fun? So register here before 5th February 2020. Happy Valentine’s Day in advanced guys!

Date: 9th February 2020

Location: Level 8, Gurney Paragon Mall

Time: 11 AM

Link (s): Facebook 

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