Ban Joo Lee: 58-Year-Old Shop In Penang With Over 40 Types Of Old School Biscuits

We each have that one moment back in our childhood days that sticks with us right up until now. Though different, we can all agree that we miss the old-school biscuit shops in our neighbourhood. Well Penangites, there is still a rare gem in town offering a bite of nostalgia for us to relive. It’s none other than Ban Joo Lee over at Pulau Tikus, Penang.


Ban Joo Lee: One Of The Last Few Old-School Biscuit Shops In Penang

There is just something about these old-school biscuit shops that remain close to our hearts. Perhaps it’s the smell of freshly-baked biscuits wafting through the air or the shop being neatly stacked with rows after rows of tin biscuits.

Ban Joo Lee Penang

Ban Joo Lee PenangPhoto: @ooizhiyi (Instagram)

Back when we were little, it always felt as though these large, biscuit tins were staring back into our little souls. Once we finally decide on which biscuits to get, the Uncle of the shop would then drop a scoopful of them onto the weighing scale.

Ban Joo Lee PenangPhoto: @Rachel Wong (Facebook)

If you miss these scenarios, then head over to Ban Joo Lee, Penang. They have been around since 1964 and to date, not much has changed. The shop still retains its rustic feature and best of all, the biscuits are still being sold in aluminium tins and glass jars.

Ban Joo Lee PenangPhoto: @jackielicouss (Instagram)

Here, you can find close to 40 types of traditional biscuits like iced gems, tea biscuits, animal biscuits, chocolate cream biscuits, and more. It really is the perfect place to relive some nostalgic memories.

Ban Joo Lee PenangPhoto: @FishMara (Facebook)


Do You Have A Favourite Old-School Biscuit?

What’s your favourite old-school traditional biscuit? Let us know in the comments below and together, we can take a walk down memory lane.

Address: 298, Jalan Burma, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang (next to Baptist Book Store)

Operating Hours: 8.30 AM-5.30 PM (Closed on Sunday)


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