This Van At Balik Pulau Sells Handmade, Chewy Taiwanese Mochi

Hey there friends! As Penangites, we’re all aware that our street food scene is truly one of a kind. Be it Roti Canai for breakfast, Char Koay Teow for lunch, or even Maggi Goreng for supper, you know what we’re talking about. Today, we’re diving into a local stall over at Balik Pulau that offers handmade sweet treats. It’s this humble stall that operates from a van, selling handmade chewy Taiwanese Mochi.

Chewy Handmade Taiwanese Mochi At Balik Pulau

First of all, it’s an undeniable fact that Balik Pulau has plenty of food gems that are yet to be discovered. The most common food gems over at Balik Pulau will include Durian, Laksa, Brown Sugar Bao, and more. But today, we’re here to help you add more to the list by introducing you guys to handmade, chewy Taiwanese Mochi.

Balik Pulau Handmade Mochi
Photo: @Lting Khoo (Facebook)

As most of us are aware, Mochi is now a snack that’s on the verge of extinction. However, this one particular van is retaining this rare gem by introducing it to fellow Penangites.

Balik Pulau Handmade Mochi
Photo: @Lting Khoo (Facebook)

Operating solely from the back of his van truck, the owner and proprietor of this stall, Gilra Gilrao is actually from Taipei, Taiwan. As a renowned nose flutist, Gilra’s music has won the Golden Melody Award for Best Album in Hakka-Vocal Category. Now, he has started a new life in Balik Pulau, Penang, which is also his wife’s hometown.

Balik Pulau Handmade Mochi
Photo: @Lting Khoo (Facebook)

Selling handmade Taiwanese Mochi from scratch, there are 3 fillings to opt for, which are Peanut, Red Bean, and Black Sesame. Each box of this tender, chewy Mochi is priced at RM10 for 6 pieces. Also, you can upgrade to Pandan Mochi skin by adding RM1. The entire process is so entertaining to watch that you will see locals crowding around the van for a quick peek.

Balik Pulau Handmade Mochi
Photo: @Lting Khoo (Facebook)

Who’s Up For A Mochi Feast?

So, Penangites, the next time you’re over at Balik Pulau for a quick weekend trip, drop by at this van that sells Mochi! Besides, there’s nothing more meaningful than witnessing the entire process of Mochi-making right in front of your eyes, right? Bye!

Address: Balik Pulau Old Market Car Park

Operating Hours: Around 3.30PM until sold out (Wednesday-Sunday)

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