Here’s How You Can Spend & Eat All Year Long At The Finest Restaurants While Earning

Hi there! We understand the struggles of saving money especially for foodies like us who may be overspending on good food. From that enticing Omakase to the 5-course fine dining experience, we all wish we could eat all year long without making a dent on our wallet! But what if you can actually earn while you munch on your favourite food? YES! We have found a way to earn as we spend. Curious to know how it works? Keep on reading to find out more.


Get ready for a smart & exciting Food Journey with AmBank/AmBank Islamic TRUE Savers Account/-i 

First thing you would want to know is, what is AmBank TRUE Savers Account/-i all about? The AmBank/AmBank Islamic TRUE Savers Account/-i is a Savings Account that gives you a bonus rate per annum when you perform your monthly transactions. Now with that, you can keep a steady bonus return just by spending on your daily meals, groceries or anything you like. You love cafe hopping too? Not a problem! Just remember to make payment with your AmBank Debit Card or DuitNow QR Pay!

Let us show you how easy and simple it is for you to start earning bonus!

4 ways to earn Bonus Rate of up to 6.50% p.a. with AmBank/AmBank Islamic 


1. Open your TRUE Savers Account/-i (+0.25%p.a. / 0.75%p.a.)

Firstly, you have to open an AmBank TRUE Savers Account or AmBank Islamic TRUE Savers Account-i with an initial deposit of RM20 only. By opening an account, you will get a steady interest/profit rate on any amount in your account! Here’s the base rate you will get:

Account balance up to RM5,000: 0.25%p.a.

Account balance above RM5,000: 0.75%p.a.

Yes, any amount above RM20 earns you at least a 0.25% rate. This is just the beginning!


2. Make Deposit (+1.15%p.a.)

You can increase the Bonus Rate by making a minimum deposit of RM3,000 in a single transaction into your account monthly. Do this every month and you will receive a bonus rate of 1.15% p.a.!


3. Spend & Pay (+0.60%p.a.)


Here’s the part that you will enjoy most! You can add another 0.60% p.a. of Bonus Rate by performing at least 3 transactions with accumulated spend of RM1,000 monthly via AmOnline, AmBank Debit Card, Credit Card or DuitNow QR Payment to Merchants.


Yes. This is where you can spend on good food!


You can also choose to perform monthly repayments/payments of any amount for your Home Loan/Financing from your TRUE Savers Account/-i to enjoy the extra Bonus Rate of 0.60%p.a.!

Whichever you choose, both will work!

4. Purchase Unit Trusts or Insurance/Takaful (+2.00%p.a. / +4.00%p.a.)

Lastly, to maximise the Bonus Rate, you can consider purchasing Unit Trusts or Insurance/Takaful plan with the following amounts:

Option 1: Bonus Rate of 2.00% p.a. (Invest or Insure/Takaful)

Purchase Unit Trusts with a minimum of RM5,000 or purchase Insurance/Takaful with a minimum premium of RM2,400 yearly.


Option 2: Bonus Rate of 4.00%p.a. (Invest or Insure/Takaful)

Purchase Unit Trusts with a minimum of RM10,000 or purchase Insurance/Takaful with a minimum premium of RM3,600 yearly.

That’s all. If you add those up, the highest Bonus Rate that you could earn is 6.50% p.a. yearly!

Open your AmBank/AmBank Islamic Account & start earning Bonus easily while you spend

Interested in boosting your savings simply by making monthly transactions on your lifestyle spending? If yes, this is definitely for you! Open your AmBank TRUE Savers Account/-i here and start your Bonus Rate journey with AmBank now!

Rest assured that your deposit is protected by PIDM at all times.

Who would have guessed spending and saving could go hand in hand! At AmBank and AmBank Islamic, it is definitely possible!


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