Penang Uncle Sells RM2.50 Ais Kacang, Netizen Shares He Struggles To Make RM20 Per Day

As life is beginning to return to a new normal for a majority of us, there are still some out there who are struggling to cope. This is especially true for small hawkers. The same goes for this Ais Kacang Uncle at Solok Slim who on slow days, struggles to even make RM20.

RM2.50 Ais Kacang At Solok Slim, Penang

Uncle operates an Ais Kacang stall from a humble stall in Jelutong, Penang. According to this netizen’s post, she got to experience Uncle’s hardworking attitude first-hand. Here is her story. Dropping by slightly after 6 pm for Ais Kacang, she finds out that Uncle was already packing up for the day.

Solok Slim Ais Kacang PenangPhoto: @Koay Sa (Facebook)

As she was leaving, the kind Uncle called out to her, asking her to wait a little bit and that he can still prepare some Ais Kacang for her. Soon, Uncle took out an ice block and some red beans from his house before he started churning the ice and began making Ais Kacang.

Solok Slim Ais Kacang PenangPhoto: @Koay Sa (Facebook)

Solok Slim Ais Kacang PenangPhoto: @Koay Sa (Facebook)

Touching right? Uncle has been selling Ais Kacang for over 30 years and each packet comes with a generous amount of ingredients. He charges each packet at only RM2.50.

Solok Slim Ais Kacang PenangPhoto: @Koay Sa (Facebook)

Solok Slim Ais Kacang PenangPhoto: @Koay Sa (Facebook)

Sadly, Uncle struggles to earn RM40 per day, and on slow days, he barely even makes RM20. Uncle also suffers from hearing loss in which his condition has deteriorated over the years.

Solok Slim Ais Kacang PenangPhoto: @Koay Sa (Facebook)

Let’s Support Uncle’s Humble Ais Kacang Stall

This heartfelt story is a prime example of how we should support more local hawkers. A simple gesture of support from us can often go a long way for our neighbourhood Char Koay Teow or Nasi Lemak aunties.

Location: Solok Slim 1, Jelutong, 11600, Penang

Operating hours: 2 PM-6 PM (Closed on Sunday)

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  1. Heart breaking. I love ais kacang as I grew up enjoying this delight. Support this hawker, please. I live in London, UK so I am unable to throw in my support.

    Ais kacang was the delight of many poor children when I was growing up in Penang. I will never forget this dessert.

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