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Acupaday Cafe Penang: 3 Reasons Why It’s Worth a Try

Acupaday Keeps the Cravings at Bay

We’re all aware that running a business is no easy feat due to an immense amount of competition in today’s over-saturated market. Not to mention, running a cafe in Penang where there appears to be no lack of cafes in town. To thrive, a cafe would need to be distinctively different or better from what’s already available. To put it simply, a cafe would need to have delicious food and drinks with a compelling ambiance to go along with it. We recently visited Acupaday, a charming cafe along Bishop street to see if it fits the bill of a noteworthy cafe in Penang. We savored their food, sipped on ice-cold coffee and basked in the calm and relaxing ambiance. Needless to say, this pork-free cafe left us very impressed . Here are 3 reasons why Acupaday cafe Penang should be on your list of cafes to try out this week.


3 Reasons Why You Should Try Acupaday Cafe Penang Right Now

Calm and Relaxing Ambiance

acupaday cafe penang
Photo by: Edward Lim

acupaday cafe penang

Acupaday greets patrons with a cool and relaxing ambiance as they walk through the door of the cafe. The setup is what you would expect from a good cafe complete with comfortable sofas and chairs, artistic wall paintings, and relaxing music playing in the background. This is a perfect lunch spot for friends, family and colleagues to catch up while enjoying a meal together. Cleanliness was top notch and waiters were courteous.

A Wide Variety of Appetizing Food

Photo by: stevie_jsoosay

Photo by: Edward Lim

Acupaday’s appetizing food was what stood out during our visit at the cafe. One can enjoy a wide range of delicious food at Acupaday such as their unique seafood Tom Yam Kung pasta (RM 26) and their signature chicken chop. In fact, the staff at Acupaday says their signature chicken chop is a crowd favorite as it is well-marinated with their homemade honey sauce. Additionally, their salted egg chicken bagel is another must-try dish. Truly, this is no ordinary chicken bagel as it has a spicy kick to it which we felt blended with the salted-egg very well. Rendang lovers should also give their savory bagel chicken rendang (RM 20) a try, and no it’s not crispy (you knew that was coming).

There are also a lot of desserts to choose from at a Acupaday. We had a cup of Illy Tiramisu for RM 20 which was well textured and sweetness was well balanced.

Delightfully Refreshing Beverages

Photo by: Edward Lim
Photo by: Edward Lim

A meal is only complete with a good beverage to wash down all the food you’ve eaten. The beverages at a acupaday is perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy a meal with their loved ones. Patrons are almost spoilt for choice as there is a wide variety of coffee, non-coffee, and even alcoholic beverages to choose from. We absolutely loved their refreshing rum and raisins beverage as it helped us to beat the heat. Notably, this is one of the few cafes around Penang which offers a rum and raisins beverage so be sure to give it a try.

Rest assured coffee lovers, you will not be disappointed with the amount coffee beverages available at this cafe. Acupaday’s espresso cube is one noteworthy coffee beverage available at this cafe. This DIY coffee beverage is served with espresso cubes and a glass of milk alongside with it. Be your own barista by simply pouring milk into the glass with coffee cubes and voila, your coffee is ready.

Give Acupaday Cafe Penang A Try Today

Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit at Acupaday and will likely visit them again soon. Acupaday’s appetizing food, refreshing beverages and a relaxing ambiance makes them one of our favorite cafes in Penang. Grab your friends and family members and give this cafe a try today. Oh, and be sure to tell them we sent you! So, there you have it, 3 reasons why Acupaday cafe Penang is worth a try. Before you leave, check out our articles on our Top 5 Cafes in Penang You Need to Try This Week  and 5 Cafes Near Bukit Mertajam You Should Know About if you’re looking for more cafes to add to your cafe-hopping list. As always, comment below to let our readers know of what you loved at a Acupaday or have any other notable cafes around Penang in mind. Have a great week everyone!

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