A Man Returned RM1400 To House Of Hope Penang For Helping His Daughter

Such A Heartwarming News

Most Penangites will be familiar with House of Hope (HoH) and what they do. Not only are their work inspiring but it also restores our hope in humanity. A little backstory if you’re unfamiliar with House of Hope. The non-profit organization was started by Mdm Khoo Cheng See in 2006. Their aim is to break the poverty cycle by providing basic needs such as food, clothing, educational programs, temporary financial relief, and medical assistance. Moreover, their vision is “To see communities transformed economically and socially”. – House of Hope

A Man’s Daughter Became A Doctor And Returned RM1400 To House Of Hope

Recently, House of Hope posted on their Facebook page about a man who came back and returned RM1400 to the organization. The posts mention that HoH has helped this man years back with his daughter’s education that has cost RM1400. Then, yesterday (8-Sept) he showed up to the center and returned the RM1400. Moreover, he told the staff that his daughter is now a medical doctor in Kedah and thanked HoH for their generosity. Besides that, he also mentioned that his daughter has also taken over in caring for the family.


In the post, HoH mentions that great news like these are what reminds them of their purpose that they have and the people that they help in the community. This is definitely a reminder to all of us that every small deed that we do for someone can be a huge deal for them. We may not know what a person is going through but a little help goes a long way. So, don’t lose hope in humanity yet instead be that person who restores hope in humanity for people!

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