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9 Reasons Why Pulau Jerejak Should Be In Your To-Go List For This Valentine’s Day

Love Is In The Air

Hello, everyone! As Valentine’s Day is approaching, sometimes it’s quite a task to plan out what to do on this special day. Especially if you want to make a memorable one. But don’t worry anymore, because we’re here to help you out!

Either you’re single or taken, it’s always a good choice to take a short impromptu break to travel out of town for a relaxing and fun date. Today, we’re going to be sharing 9 reasons why Pulau Jerejak should be your next stop for this Valentine’s Day. From Instagrammable spots like the Stairway To Heaven to watching a romantic sunset, it sure will make your day an unforgettable one!

1. Rainbow pier and wall

To go to Pulau Jerejak, there is only one way and that is by taking a ferry from the Bayan Lepas jetty. With scheduled ferries that depart and arrive on the island, each round-trip ticket is RM20. Upon arrival, the first thing that welcomes you is this beautiful rainbow pier. And just a few steps away, you’ll find a rainbow wall that is totally worth a ‘couple’ picture.

Photo: @eva1931
Photo: @hello_qianhua (Instagram)

2. Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to heaven has always been a famous spot in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. Now you can find it in Penang too! Taken during the afternoon or even after the sun sets, photos will turn out great during any time of the day. And here’s a little tip to share! We think this is the best spot to take a ‘Follow Me’ photo. So grab your girlfriend’s hand while she walks up the stairs and snap a picture!

Photo: @shafikahanani (Instagram)
Photo: @veronika.brahmana (Instagram)

3. Ride a swing

If there is one word to describe this spot in Pulau Jerejak, then it’s got to be romantic! Located on the beach and just a few steps away from the cool seawater, it’s a place that makes you want to look into your partner’s eyes and just smile. With a sea breeze that warmly touches your skin, it makes you feel refreshed and relax.

Photo: @mirulmira_ (Instagram)
Photo: @nicholechuinsing (Instagram)

4. Rent a bicycle

On this island that’s neither too big nor too small, the best way to get your way around is by renting a bicycle. Take a ride with your other half on the road that’s just a few metres away from the sea to enjoy the stunning views while listening to birds that beautifully chirp throughout the day.

Photo: Jerejak Island Resort (
Photo: @elitenetwork_my (Instagram)

5. Sit in a giant bird’s nest

Another spot that’s worth an Instagram photo is at this giant bird’s nest that hangs from the tree! Made out of branches that laces together, there are little holes on the side to let the cool air ooze in. So you won’t feel hot at all! Aside from that, they’ve also got a heart-shaped nest that is worth an Instagram photo.

Photo: @eykinashiqin (Instagram)
Photo: @fad.nasir (Instagram)

6. Jungle trekking

Those who would like to have a one-of-a-kind experience for this Valentine’s day, this guided jungle trekking is something not to be missed. Furthermore, it’s the perfect kind of thing to do if you and your lover are both sports lovers. Standing at only RM20 per person, you’ll be guided into this magical jungle that dates back to 100 years ago.

Photo: @eyda_aziz (Instagram)
Photo: @chee_eng.ooi (Instagram)

7. Watch the sunset

When the sun sets, the sky turns into something you would see on an oil painting. With the blend of pink, yellow, blue and orange, it’s like a palate of pastel colours. And that’s when you know¬†it’s time to sit next to the water and enjoy the view.¬†As if it’s able to slow down our time, this is¬†the right moment to start a¬†sweet talk with your significant other.

Photo: @navanethan (Instagram)
Photo: @tanyaecru (Instagram)

8. Watch the night show

With a fire show that is arranged by the Jerejak Island Resort, it’s a show that will make you go ‘Wow’. Standing just a few metres away, be prepared to get mesmerised by the traditional tribal fire show. With a burning fire that is lit on a wooden stick, the performers blow onto the stick to look like if they are breathing out fire!

Photo: Jerejak Island Resort (
Photo: Jerejak Island Resort (

9. Jerejak Island Resort LED Park

Open to all visitors even if you’re not staying in the Jerejak Island Resort, this is a colourful park that only lights up at night. Some even visit twice, one during day time and one during night time. P.S it’s a great spot to take a short stroll to end your Valentine’s date!

Photo: @jerejakislandresort (Instagram)
Photo: @cherylelim (Instagram)

So what do you think about Pulau Jerejak? We hope this post has changed your views on this little island that’s just a few kilometres away from Bayan Lepas. Throughout various development in Pulau Jerejak, we thought it would be a great out-of-town escape from the bustling streets in Penang island. And a little more space for the two of you.

Address: Pulau Jerejak, Penang.

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