9 Best Street Food You Should Try At Chulia Street Night Hawker Stall

Chulia Street: 9 Best Food To Try

This post is all about food at Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls!

What is it with Chulia Street which keep us all night on our toes and gets us back on track for the 2nd time around? If you’re thinking of the drinks & jiggy dancing get outta here! Located between the bustling thoroughfares is mainly concentrated between its intersections with Lorong Love on the west and Lorong Sechchuan on the east, the night hawker stall has been a focal point for a culinary indulgence among the community and travellers hopping around the bustling city on an island.

List: 9 Best Eats At Chulia Street Night Hawker Stall

Now when are we never here to make it easier for you to jump right in and order without hesitation and guaranteed food orgasm! The hunt for the best eats at Chulia Street Night Hawker Stall was real and here we are for the ultimate best eats in the jiggiest town! Get Reading

#1 Mother & Son Wan Tan Mee

God knows how the got the crowd going crazy cuz whatever they did it worked! The stall was swarms from all sides and many locals even pick up to-go orders on foot or on scooters thus tip no.1 when you get there is to order this first to buy time while snacking on other stuff! Served in a delicious and oily dark soy sauce, along with noodles that are slightly translucent, fresh homemade wantans, vegetables, and char siew, the dish tastes absolutely tantalizing.

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#2 Lok Lok

If you haven’t lok lok your way through Asia, it’s about time you do it right here at the colourful stall displaying varieties of raw stuff on skewers ready to hit the boiling pot and be dipped into sauces! Piping hot meatballs with chewy textures, topped with peanut satay sauces, chili, and sweet sauces.

The tip is to gather your favourite sticks, pour in all the sauce with the peanut sauce a little bit extra and get on fire! Clams, cockles, pork intestines, pork liver, sausages, fish balls, meatballs, squid balls, squids, shrimps, vegetables, sui kow, mushrooms, Chinese sausages and even some cooked items such as deep-fried wontons and deeply fried beancurd sheets, the choices go even further!

#3 Mix Fresh Fruit Juice

A mother’s best trick to persuade her children to consume fruits, a respite to sluice your unhealthy sins away, ideal thirst quencher at any time of the day well certainly at night here amidst all that booze, they’ve got juice and they do it the fresh way possible!

Opt for your frothy juice to be dunked with chunks of fruits for an additional layer of texture and taste. Any sort of request is a request here as the juices are usually thick and naturally nectarous, giving your palate an additional oomph! Watermelon, Orange and Mango are among the best picks!

#4 Lor Bak

Ask any pork lovers and they’ll assure you to try one of the best inventions to the Chinese culinary: Lorbak. Pork marinated in Chinese five-spice powder, mixed with various ingredients such as water chestnuts, jicama, carrot, and onions, snugly rolled up with a sheet of bean curd and fried till crispy.

You ain’t leaving this place without stopping by this stall to treat yourself to Asia fried delicacies which are super fried alongside taufu, sausages, fish cakes and prawn fritter to the enticing spread of lor bak ingredients displayed at this push-cart stall. Be sure to drown in the sauces:  a thick, starchy dip flavoured with cinnamon and soy sauce and a chili sauce.

#5 Chee Cheong Fun

You either love it or hate it. Comprising of rice noodles, thick gooey prawn paste and chili sauce, it comes to texture and the consistency of this dish. Served by the stall right next to the lor bak station, they seem to hit the right as the rice noodle comes together with the sauces with fragrant shallot crisps and sesame seeds garnished as a crunch!  It’s a delight to your mouth, gentle texture and great flavors. Certainly an acquired flavor for the adventurous taste buds!

#6 Popiah

Easily one of the best finds here were the popiah! Popiah skin is a kind of thin crêpe made from wheat flour. Extremely thin but very resilient, it is used for making popiah, Teochew and Hokkien style spring rolls.

Originated in Fujian province of China, popiah was brought to Malaysia by Hokkien and Teochew during the British colonial administration. Moist and engulfs fresh delectables such as stewed julienned yam bean, diced beancurd, and spring onions, these fresh popiah are the best RM4 you’ll ever spend; perfect for vegetarians & light eaters!

#7 Muah Chee

If you’ve had Japanese mochi Soft and chewy, slightly sticky and covered in a generous medley of nutty flavours, this local delicacy is almost like the famous Japanese mochi and yet different. The tiny bite-size morsels, still warm and thickly covered in the fine mixture of nutty deliciousness with the option of original and pandan, we’d opt for the original flavour for nuts to take you by surprise without any other flavour empowering one another. a simple delicacy for the sweet tooth!

#8 Satay

Unlike the satay you’ll find in the rest of Malaysia and Indonesia, Hainanese satay similar to the ones served here uses pork as well as chicken meat; pieces are skewered on a bamboo stick and grilled over charcoal till done. Your cooked satay should be dunked in a sweet bowl of peanut sauce. We’d suggest you the lamb and chicken satay for an authentic flavour of this grilled goodness!

#9 Hokkien Mee

Truly a Penangite at heart? Gotta see you with a bowl of these to decide! Located right opposite the lok lok station, you’ll find this bowl in the restaurant / kopitiam right next to the muah chee station! Comprising of all the essentials of Hokkien Mee, the soup base that just right with its aroma hitting us as we scoop out flavorful spicy bites, with a hint of sweetness while saving the best stuff like prawns, pork varieties, noodles, bean sprouts, half-boiled egg for the last is the way to start a day and even end the night right here at Chulia Street Night hawker stalls. Owned and passionately served by a couple, its the love they swoon us with as their secret ingredient.

Chulia Street Food

And that my friend is a wrap!  Living in island too known for our legacy of culinary gastronomy, sometimes it takes a trip like this to get us grateful to be able to enjoy these cheap yet utterly delicious eats! If you happen to find yourself scrolling thru this article, whatcha waiting for? Get there and let us know your favourites! Till then and more, Happy Adventuring!

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