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8 things to do at Hin Bus Depot Penang

If you’ve heard of Hin Bus Depot, it’s probably from the cool kids in town. Cool kids, pffff I’m cool.

A bit of Hin Bus Depot History

Built in 1947, the Hin Bus Depot as its name suggests was a depot for the “blue buses” known as Hin Bus that used to ply the Tanjung Bungah and Teluk Bahang routes. When the bus company, Hin Company, finally closed down, the depot was left vacant for many years up until it was bought by a company owned by three families.  It wasn’t until Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithuanian artist, the man behind those famous mural paintings  all around the walls of Georgetown decided to use this abandoned space for his solo exhibition aka Art is Art is Rubbish


and 5 years later,  here it is as a canvas for the imagination, a space for the wanderers and plenty for the eyes to soak in and craving to be fed. Featuring half a dozen artist studios and a gallery host exhibitions (ranging from sculpture to photography), an arts-and-crafts market every Sunday, and art-house movies and documentaries on Tuesdays. The open-air areas are bedecked with street art.

8 Things to do at Hin Bus Depot Penang

We find this artistic initiative as one of the highlights to this community of acceptance to speak their mind through art and crafts that are out of the box and so here we are this time with 8 things to do at Hin Bus Depot Penang. Tune in and let us tell you why you should pay this place a visit ASAP.

1. Sunday Pop-up Market


Whoever said Sunday Market only exist in Aussie lands and England? Swarmed with home-made food, cool T-shirts, funky souvenirs, jewellery and other handicrafts displayed, with performers busking away in the background, This Sunday Pop Up market right here in Hin bus from 11am to 5pm will want you to ditch the sleep- in tradition and join the fun, make some new friends, drink some guide detox juice  and make some good deals.


Hin Pop Up Market is a  platform for entrepreneurs, small business owners, crafters, artisans, musicians, performers, makers to showcase their products, crafts, and talent. Looking for a place to promote your  budding business? Drop them a visit or email them at  

2. Mural Paintings & Art Exhibitions All Day Err Day

Empty walls and Artists with their paints. What do you reckon came out of that? Sprawling with Mural paintings at every nook and corner of this buildings are the works of local and international artists with their own signature style.  Malayan tiger was completed by Hiroyasu Tsuri, also known as TwoOne. His art often features animal-headed, human-bodied creatures (but not this one, obviously).

Irene Navarro / © Culture Trip

Being an Art Centre, Hin bus is in constant gear mode when it comes housing various art exhibitions run by solo artists. The gallery is open from 12 (noon) to 8 pm on Monday to Friday. And 11am – 8pm on Saturday & Sunday. Admission is free.

 Mangrove: Rediscover + Reconnect is a current project housed by Hin bus showcasing the documented traditional knowledge on mangrove resources from Matang area, bringing to light the significance of preserving and enhancing the values of the forgotten knowledge, an indispensable element in the modern times, thus strengthening the bondage between mangrove and the coastal community.


Future Exhibitions: REKA (A Creative Market)


3. Tuesday Screenings

Tuesday Screenings at Hin is a biweekly screening of some of the great films from around the globe. With screenings every Tuesday of the month of July, expect international films that rarely make their way to local cinemas. The semi-outdoor screening means you’re free to bring your own snacks, drinks and other comforts such as cushions, mats, blankets and the like. This month, join the film lovers in a dark room and embark on a film adventure by watching 120 Southeast Asian Short Films with filmmakers from South East Asia.


In conjunction with the festival, the sessions would be as below:_
1. Good Morning (103 minutes) – 3rd July 2018 at 8pm
2. Good Afternoon (78 minutes) – 10th July 2018 at 8pm
3. Good Night (115 minutes) – 17th July 2018 at 8pm
4. Fragment (136 minutes) – 24th July 2018 at 8pm
5. Letters from the South – 31st July 2018 at 8pm

4. Skate Ramp

Besides Youth Park, Amateurs and pro skaters swing by and display some cool moves at this sick skate ramp by the corner of the lawn in Hin. Looking into picking up a new hobby that doesn’t require stamina but eventually builds on it, come along and let these neighbourhood boys teach y’all a trick or two!


Irene Navarro / © Culture Trip

VANs may be the supplier of this mini skate park, where, on a good Sunday after the market has called it a day, you’ll find the local youth trying out their heel flips and kickbacks.

5. Workshops

  • Penang Japanese Ceramic Studio

    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and child
    Penang Japanese Ceramic Arts Studio

    A place for pottery to make their magic. Here’s a good excuse to get your hands dirty: Learn how to mould and shape clay into your very own ceramic wares. Penang Japanese Ceramic Studio conducts classes and workshops on how to make pottery for students,kids, adults and anybody really whose up to take part in a unique. They currently have 2 workshops on Sundays.1st Session from 11am to 1pm & 2nd Session from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Prior booking is required. Seats are limited. Kindly  WhatsApp +60 11-5690 7518 to make your bookings with Kim.

  • Maker Mantra 

    Image may contain: indoor
    Maker Mantra

    With furniture shops are IKEA sprouting all over, furniture has never been easier to buy despite it’s still very expensive price. But have you ever thought to yourself – if only I can make that coffee table, or that book shelf, instead of buying it? Well through Maker Mantra founded by Shirish Kaner, you can finally channel that DIY Interest by joining workshops on designing furniture through wood. For more details, contact Shirish at 012-594 9216 or email him at

    Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing
    Maker Mantra
  • Ground Control

    With space limited and concrete abundant, gardening in an urban environment can pose some challenges. Challenges aside, food crops can flourish in an urban setting. In fact, urban environments provide ample opportunity for avid gardeners and DIY masters. You just need to think outside the box and Ground Control provides the tools, resources and knowledge for city folk to easily participate in the joys of urban edible gardening.

    Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature
    Ground Control

    Drop by and check out their workshops on Growing Veges & herbs in a tropical condition as well as teaching the right methods of composting and how to main the health of your soil! Those interested, please do sign up. It’s RM150 per pax including a starter kit. Contact them on Facebook or slide in a dm on Instagram @groundcontroldotmy

6. Cakes & Ice Cream

  • Cremeal

    Fun facts: Did you know that the Chinese are generally credited for creating the first ice creams, possibly as early as 3000 BC. Yeah the chinese Not the Italians mate!

    Image may contain: outdoor and food
    Creameal Handcrafted Ice Cream

    It’s crazy not to love ice cream when kids and adults alike delight in licking an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, or digging into a sundae dripping with gooey caramel and crunchy toppings. oh its sinful and Cremeal is the lead of this sinful bussiness by enticing people around the globe and in the vicinity with their handcrafted ice-creams. I’m just gonna lay out the flavors here as a description. Turning the engine on &****

    Flavours for today:

    – Sea Salt Gula Melaka
    – Coffee Raisin
    – Snowy Cookies Cream
    – Thai Tea
    – Earl Grey Lavender
    – Blue Chrysanthemums
    – Coconut Pandan
    – Strawberry Berry
    – Salted Peanut Butter
    – Coconut Caramel
    – Horlicks Marshmallow
    – Apple Crumble Vanilla

    Briklin Cafe & Bar

    Looking for a place to refuel the cup of coffee after lunch, this is the place.N estled at the corner of Hin Bus Depot, Bricklin Bar Cafe has the perfect setting for you to rewind and recharge, natural sunlight floods in via the glass window, illuminating the entire place; a perfect place to sip your cup of Joe and to read some of your favorite books

  • Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoor
    Bricklin Cafe & Bar

    Image may contain: drink and coffee cup
    Bricklin Cafe & Bar

7. Drinks, Music & Good Company

  • Black Market


    A little hideout place for Cold Pressed Juices, Craft Beer, Milkshakes, Coffee, Tea and Wine tucked away in Georgetown, The black market is transcends into chill spot to read or relax with a glass of brewed beer to keep ya company. The ideal spot for that retired man from the Aussie Land and with that prawns on the Barbie, say Aye Mate!

  • The Pharm Hut

    Image may contain: 1 person, sky, tree, plant and outdoor
    The Pharm Hut

    Call it a gut feeling, but water kefir may be the next big health drink… again. This probiotic-rich super beverage has benefited bellies for hundreds of years, but it’s finding new life with the modern interest in natural wellness. The Pharm Hut saw it’s potential and opened its doors in this tiny little hippy spot and been thriving since.

    Drop by and let this wonderful lady Patie here share the journey that led her to this shop and also on ‘what the heck if Kefir’ ?

Image may contain: one or more people and drink

A local haunt through and through, Good Friends Club slowly comes to life after sunset, its neon pink lights casting an atmospheric glow on Gurdwara Street. Sip on localized cocktails such as the ‘Lao Hao Peng’ and ‘Pat Poh Peng’, respectively made with nutmeg tincture and local herbal tea, and rub shoulders with a young hip crowd. Cheesy sausage fries are the cure when the munchies hit.

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting and indoor

  • Le’ 楽

    Image may contain: one or more people and night

    Literally tranlasted as ‘happy’, Le’ 楽 aims to allow customer to feel at east and home.With choices like grilled cheese toasted sandwich, one does not do anything but sit back,indulge and just chill minus the background noise of ma screaming at you to mop the house. How comforting 🙂 Right here at Hin.Image may contain: foodBy night, lights dim and the nerdiest girl in town turns into the groovy chick with some booze and neon vibes.

  • Barfly

    Let’s put it out there! We all like good bars but we certainly love some good cheap beer hence this is definitely a Flyest-bar in town (get it lol) as they serve drinks as low as RM 5 for a mug. Are we hearing this right? You bet you do. On a budget? As great Frank Sinatra said, Come fly with me 🙂

    New Bars in Penang

    News Bars in Penang
    Bar Fly

8. When you Hangry

  • Kitchen Chemistry

    Mac N Cheese or Nasi lemak, they serve em both alongside oriental and western cuisine with handmade cakes ready for the sweet tooth to hog on. With a affordable price tag, Birthday celebrations and parties are what they niche in and so far, good reviews are moving them forward. Give it a try if you’re in the vicinity.

    Image may contain: people sitting, table and food
    Kithchen Chemistry

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