8 Panoramic Cycling Routes In Penang That Will Perk Up Your Weekend

Pedal on!

Notice a lot of bicycles renting shops around Penang? That’s because cycling is still very much popular here! It is a pleasant way to explore places while breaking out some sweats. And since Penang is working toward being a greener state, why don’t we take up the challenge and check out some of these scenic cycling routes. Who knows you might pick up a new hobby after this.

8 Scenic Cycling Routes In Penang

1. Penang Cycling Lanes

penang cycling lane
Photo: @cyclingisfun (Facebook)

It’s been years since the Penang cycling lane construction started and although they have only reached phase 2 of the plan, it seems very promising. Cruising through this calming lane, you will be able to cycle and savor the ever so refreshing breeze from the sea. This lane features interesting stops and courses such as the viewpoint of Penang Bridge, Persiaran Karpal Singh, and a three-storey spiral bridge, called the Jambatan Harapan that will spice up your journey. Click here to check out the route.

Jambatan harapan
Photo: @malaysiaZINE

2. Georgetown Heritage Core Area

George town street art
Photo: @0ranghutan (Instagram)

If you feel like playing tourist, you can simply go around George Town on two wheels. The historic city covers more than 1,700 historic buildings to admire and of course dozens of street arts to explore. Up for a little bit of a “photographic treasure hunt” just click on this complete map of top Penang street arts and cycle your way around it so that you get to cover every street arts in Georgetown.

georgetown street art
Photo: @FotobyNaris (Facebook)

3. Balik Pulau

balik pulau cycling
Photo: @cherryontheworld (Instagram)

This is where you would want to go for a countryside, off-road trip. Start your journey at the Pasar Tani Balik Pulau and let your mind wander as you pass through the rustic narrow sandy lanes. Riding along the kampung road will give you the chance to come across paddy fields and even mangrove swamps. Plus, you can even stop by the beautiful Balik Pulau Container Art for a picture or two. Click here for a route suggested by experts.

container art balik pulau
Photo: @MuhammadBakhtiar (Facebook)

4. The Carpet Hill

carpet hill cycling
Photo: @queamirr_ (Instagram)

The Carpet Hill or also known as Carpet, is a popular climb that a lot of local cyclists and hikers take. Enveloped by thick durian orchard, cycling enthusiasts would definitely be challenged with the extreme uphill ride. Of course, the steep road can be very intimidating but you will immediately fall in love with the views on top of the hill. Starting from Pallazia Complex at Bukit Gambier, you can follow this route to make the most of the trip.

carpet hill cycling
Photo: @areroad_78 (Instagram)

5. Guar Petai

frog hill
Photo: @hussainshahidi (Instagram)

This casual route will take you to a former quarry popularly known as Frog Hill. Along the BORR trail, you will come across calming streams and lush paddy fields. When you reach the Frog Hill, take your time to hike a little up the red hillocks for a good view of the emerald pools set amidst green foliage.

frog hill cycling
Photo: @azrlnizam_ (Instagram)

6. Gertak Sanggul

Gertak Sanggul cycling
Photo: @bikecommuteusm (Instagram)

Being an off-radar location, Gertak Sanggul is made for those who seek solitude and tranquil. Going through this route, you will be presented with a nice short stretch of beach with wooden boating piers sticking outward to the sea. Beginners can start from Bayan Lepas towards this location, but if you are feeling adventurous then here’s the route that you want to take.

gertak sanggul
Photo: @chewybites (Instagram)

7. Penang Botanic Garden

penang botanic garden
Photo: @mamreali (Instagram)

Ahh.. The recreational park that is very close to our heart. No introduction needed for this charming garden. Serves as the perfect location for a family leisure trip, here’s where you can take your kids for a slow ride along well-shaded roads.

penang botanic garden
Photo: @ericlimjc (Instagram)

8. Ayer Itam Dam

Air Itam Dam cycle
Photo: @Devil_Shion (Instagram)

Drop by early in the morning to experience cool, and fresh air along this man-made lake. The area is literally a green oasis that provides numerous trails and quiet roads for beginner cyclists to train. The flat paved road loops around the dam allow visitors a great chance to enjoy the green mountain views.

Air Itam Dam
Photo: @ewchuah (Instagram)

Cycling Is Back In Trend

Hey, it’s okay if you don’t own a bike. There are a lot of places around Penang where you can rent a bike and it’s actually very affordable. Aside from living a healthy lifestyle, cycling is the kinda bandwagon that you want to hop on to. So clear up your weekend my friends and have a change of scenery for once.

Source: AhPek Biker | Bikelah | The Travel Intern

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