8 Happiness Cafe: Grab A Quick Bite In This Quaint Little Shop In The Heart Of George Town

The Perfect Spot To Grab A Quick Bite

This family business serves their Chee Cheong Fun and Taro Cake with a unique topping and special sauce. If you’re not familiar with this cafe, you can find it along the same row as the famous bicycle mural. At 8 Happiness Cafe, you can get a quick bite after your walk around the UNESCO Heritage Site. The family business has been running for 14 years now at different locations.

You Can Hydrate Yourself With Their Fresh Nutmeg Juice Too!

1) Taro Cake

This is the signature dish which is known to many as ‘Or Kuih’. The taro cake is topped with an abundance of fried baby shrimps. Moreover, it is served with their signature prawn paste as well. The signature prawn paste is mixed with a secret ingredient that makes it thicker than usual.

2) Chee Cheong Fun

Most of us are familiar with Chee Cheong Fun that is served with fried onions or sometimes none at all. Here at 8 Happiness Cafe, the Chee Cheong Fun is served with fried baby shrimps which makes it unusual. Of course, local Chee Cheong Fun won’t be complete without prawn paste hence the Chee Cheong Fun here is served with their signature prawn paste.

3) Nutmeg Juice

Do you know that Penang is just about the only state in Malaysia where nutmegs are grown commercially? Why not cool down in this hot and humid with a glass of nutmeg juice in this cafe? It’s refreshing and beneficial to your health as the fruit itself is packed with nutrients. You can drop by while taking a rest from your walk to enjoy a cooling glass of nutmeg juice.

Address: 6, Lebuh Armenian, 10200 George Town, Penang

Opening hours: 10 am – 7 pm (Daily)

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