Try This 5 Ingredients Peneram Recipe Will Surely Bring Back Memories

Raya recipe!

Kuih Peneram, Denderam, Coq Peneram, it comes with a lot of names. One of them could be quite offensive too. However, that wouldn’t stop us from loving this traditional treat. It may look like a donut but this sweet and crumbly snack will put anyone in an eating loop. It’s not easy to find them these days, so how about making them on your own? Could worth a shot and maybe you can impress your family with it.

An All-Time Favourites

During Raya, if you managed to visit a house that serves this delicacy, you should definitely aim for the house again next year. Because usually the recipe is passed down through generations. Unless the owner simply bought the kuih of course. Loved by every race in Malaysia, Peneram is actually very easy to make. Just grab the ingredients at your local grocery store and follow through this recipe and you will be satisfied with the results.


  • 4 Cups of Rice Flour (Cap Gajah 3)
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp of Flour
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Cup of Brown Sugar

Step 1: Pour sugar, brown sugar, and water in a pot and put it to boil. Make sure to stir it regularly.

Photo: @RaynaMN (YouTube)

Step 2: Place rice flour and flour in a container and pour part of the sugar solution into the container. Stir the mixture using a spatula. Be careful as the sugar solution is very hot.

Photo: @RaynaMN (YouTube)

Step 3: Add in the rest of the sugar solution into the mixture and mix thoroughly. When the dough is cool enough, you can knead it with your hands. Cover the container and put the dough aside for 5 hours or more. It will taste better if you leave it overnight.

Photo: @RaynaMN (YouTube)

Step 4: Take out the dough and start rolling it flat. Cut it using a donut cutter. (Or as you can see in the picture, you can even use a bottle cap and a straw to get the desired shape.)

Photo: @ZalinaZali (Facebook)

Step 5: Fry them in hot oil and take them out once they are puffed.

Photo: @ZalinaZali (Facebook)

Nostalgia With Peneram


This is such an easy recipe that you wouldn’t mind making them over and over again. Share it around with your family members and neighbours and spread the nostalgic love. And, if you want, you can even start a business with it because trust me, people can go crazy over this delectable snacks.

This recipe is from Zalina Zali (Facebook)

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